the end of another smoker

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 19, 2016

When I quit smoking in January 2007, I joined a site the day I stopped using the patch.

It was very much like here in support but quite a bit less personal as there were no pictures or peoples pages. This site did not yet exist.

Well it was like here in that you could find souls with kindred spirit and humor and get to know a few of those people better.

I met someone who was in my area and we began getting together on weekends.

We had our favorite haunt for margaritas and Mexican food. (No Smoking. No Hanky Panky)

I moved out of the area in August 2011 and the vehicle I had at the time would have cost over $100 for gas so we stayed in touch by skype and phone.

She had been a caregiver through agencies and retired and had her own place for awhile but then moved to her daughters in Fresno.

Things got stressed and she returned to LA and moved in with a friend she had been the caregiver to 10 years prior.

The first night she was there, she had a glass of wine and her friend slid a cigarette across to her. She. lost a 5 year quit. The familiarity of their past evening ritual had reclaimed her.

As time passed, the woman whom she had cared for lost the circulation in her legs from smoking and had to have one of them amputated. She was in rehab for 4 months and there was no smoking allowed so she quit.

She never smoked again but my friend continues on smoking...

Yesterday, my friends friend of 29 years died from emphysema.She couldn't breathe. Her BF was getting a breathing treatment and a cup of coffee for her.

My friend has no place to go.

Smokers leave tragedies behind.

Mike, please add a Linda to your list. Linda friend of Linda, friend of Dale.