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I was a remodeling contractor before I retired. What I learned was if you bought good quality tools and maintained them, they would last forever. I still have tools that I bought in the 70's that do a much better job than what I can buy today.

The other option was buying cheap tools and tossing them when they broke EXPECTEDLY.

It is good to buy the best tools in the long term but, you have to learn how to use them. We are here to show you how to get the most out of the tools to quit smoking.

If you learn how to use them you can expect success!

PS Late in my career, a website sprang up in conjunction with a contsruction magazine that were tested in the field by many contractors and crews which compared name brand tools features against each other and rated them in order of overall performance and reliability. What a blessing that was!  :-)

Common sense got me through my first two weeks. My third day I realized smoking was a choice. It made me laugh. It became a game. From then on I laughed when I had the thought of smoking. By the time a week had passed I was automatically thinking of laughing, not smoking. I was playing guitar at a friends house 10 hours a day.

I learned nothing and did no intentional mental preparation before I quit but, I had no fear of not making it, I entered into it open to the experience.

Over a four week period before I quit, I had proven t myself I didn't need to smoke just because I thought I did or would have automatically done so in the past.  I simply told myself to wait a little longer when I got the urge to smoke.

No stress. No denial. I went from 20 a day to 5 a day and never focused on quitting smoking.

I had no idea what to expect when I got off the patch my second week.

I had to get things done. I couldn't play guitar 10 hours a day forever.

This is where knowledge had to be gained.

I joined a quit smoking website and learned many of the tips and tricks presented here.

Willingness, not Willpower!

Onward and Upward!

The origin of the Easter Bunny can be traced back to 13th-century, pre-Christian Germany, when people worshiped several gods and goddesses. The Teutonic deity Eostra was the goddess of spring and fertility, and feasts were held in her honor on the Vernal Equinox. Her symbol was the rabbit because of the animal’s high reproduction rate.

Chicken's call it thievery. Candy manufacturers call it profits.

Happy Easter

Keep the Faith

Keep your Quit

but a couple hours later...


What is it?

We have new studies about smoking not helping those with mental disorders as has always been assumed by the establishment and the user because they realized the  need for more nicotine is what smoking relieves.
They speak of emotions in the abstract. low mood disorder, etc, etc, etc but,  it never seems to get out of the abstract. They never seem to put it in a way a smoker can understand what they are feeling. They give no hope that there is an end.
It's like they've never put the pieces together.
For me, the no mans land blog that I did not write but. that I experienced and post here is what reconnected me with my quit when I would have given in and gone back to smoking. I've seen nothing else like it and I believe the institution of quitting smoking could learn much about what many quitters go through and perhaps convey a better understanding to their patients.
I post it here without the comments.
thanks to Ron Maxey the author
I call No Man's Land that period of time after 1 month and 3 or 4 months into your quit,  This is a time when many people slip and go into a full relapse and have to start over... if they can start over, that is. I have some observations that may help some of you who are literally hanging on by your fingernails... or who may find yourself there tomorrow.
The first month is an exhausting but exhilarating experience... you are locked in nearly daily struggles and you get the satisfaction of successfully beating your addiction that day. You go to bed a WINNER each night, and you are justifiably proud of yourself. Your friends and family are also supportive as they see you struggling each day to maintain your quit. And you are being constantly supported here, whether or not you post... just being here is good for your quit. And so, the battles are won and it actually becomes easier and the battles occur less often as you finish 30 days or so.
Around 60 days, you're starting to have some really good days, with very few craves and some nice insights about yourself... but then again, you still have some bad days. Those bad days can really be depressing... you begin to wonder if you're ever gonna be able to relax. Your junkie is whispering to you, telling you that 'just one' won't hurt. You've conquered your daily triggers, but now you start trippiing over the occasional ones... a death in the family, unexpectedly bad news, money problems, health problems, going on a long car ride, a trip to the bar, or whatever. You have a strong crave and you begin to doubt your ability to keep your quit.
In addition, the 3D support that you used to get is pretty much gone... non-smokers figure you should be 'over it' by now, smokers don't like to hang around you much because they feel guilty and addicted (remember that feeling?), and people who have quit may not remember just how much love and support you need well into the first few months. They all think you should be 'over it', you think you should be 'over it'... and the temptation is to have 'just one' to see if you ARE over it.
But of course you're not over it, are you? That 'just one' whisper becomes much much louder and becomes 'just one more'... and each time you give in to that whisper, the craves come harder and sooner. The one way to guarantee that your craves will never go away is to light up, to slide that old cigarette needle into your arm and shoot up. Those craves will be back and keep coming back. But if you protect your quit, your craves will eventually weaken and become even fewer and farther between.
As you get to around 100 days or so (some will be a bit longer)... you will begin to really get a healthy perspective on your addiction. You will see the huge role that smoking played in your life, you will see clearly what that addiction really cost you. And you will understand that it was a very high price to pay... the loss of your confidence, your emotions, your self-control... your SELF. All enslaved to your addiction.
You will begin to see that you can look forward to a non-smoking future without romanticizing your addiction. You see it clearly for the life-stealing evil it was... and is. You see a much different future for yourself than your past has been. And it no longer scares the crap out of you to think that you are done smoking... in fact, you embrace that thought with joy every day.
But you have to get out of No Man's Land first. How can you help yourself? And how can those of us who have been through it help you?
First of all,  you need to understand that you aren't alone. If you haven't already done so, make a promise with 2 or 3 good friends on the site here and exchange phone numbers with them. Promise to call them if you're ever in trouble, and make them promise the same. These are your 'life and death' quit partners... you are literally trusting each other with your lives. Then call them... often. Just to see how they are doing, and to tell them you're doing well too. Be totally honest with them, this is life and death.
Second, understand that you're going to have some unexpectedly bad days... but they are going to be further apart. Shrug them off, laugh your way through them, call your quit buddies... whatever it takes to get through them without smoking. Some battles will be easy, some will be hard. Come here and post, send sitemail, exercise, learn to cook, take up a new hobby. Whatever it takes, keep going to bed a WINNER each night.
Third, ask some of the older quitters to keep an eye on you... to contact you to see how you're doing. I have been asked to do that for several of you recently and I am happy to do that, as I am sure that others are too. We know that you just need to hold on a little bit longer and change your focus just a little to make that breakthrough. And then you will OWN your quit, and it will be a very comfortable thing.
Last, take a deep and honest look at your past life... your life as a smoker and compare it to what your life is like now... and what it will be like in the future. You have to develop that vision of your future, of the person that you are going to BECOME now that you have freed yourself. You have to believe in yourself. You have to love yourself enough to deny yourself your addiction.
No Man's Land doesn't have to be so lonely and scary and dangerous. You need some company and some courage and some faith in yourself. And when you emerge from it, you will not be the same person that entered it.
Never never never question your decision to quit! This is the most loving thing that you will ever do for yourself. A few days of discomfort in exchange for a lifetime of freedom. You will never find another deal like it.

I get a blank screen.

My response posts but I have to open another page to know if it posted.

Anyone else?

this is what shows in the address bar

but there is nothing but a blank page below it.

Do you have any smoking pictures?

I avoided having pictures taken when I was a smoker but this is one of two or three that remained.

Please quit before you are kicking yourself for not quitting sooner!


No Clue

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 22, 2016

I go shopping very early and I occasionally need something from the seafood case. I had spoken to the butcher a few times and somehow the topic of smoking had come up and he had mentioned he wanted to quit during the past couple months.

I was talking with him and explaining that the nicotine is out of your system in three days and then there are two to three weeks of discomfort.

Suddenly another butcher chimed in with "my sister and many other people have used an electronic cigarette and quit."  I asked him if they were still using it and suggested that vaping is smoking with a battery and the majority were still slaves to nicotine and smoking.

There is no logic to their logic because remaining a slave is really indefensible but,they claim it's safer and apparently, that justifies their continued slavery.


Vapers really don't have a clue that continuing smoking is what they do.

They'll say "it's not smoking", they're smoking no more

But they haven't realized smoking is more

Than a match or a lighter it's giving up control

They've chosen a battery to give up their soul.

if smoking and non smoking were two rivers


if the "smoking" river is full of chunky ice and the other is not, what do you suppose will happen when they meet and become one?

Once they flow together, the ice melts and is just a memory..

All you have to do is allow it.

When I quit smoking in January 2007, I joined a site the day I stopped using the patch.

It was very much like here in support but quite a bit less personal as there were no pictures or peoples pages. This site did not yet exist.

Well it was like here in that you could find souls with kindred spirit and humor and get to know a few of those people better.

I met someone who was in my area and we began getting together on weekends.

We had our favorite haunt for margaritas and Mexican food. (No Smoking. No Hanky Panky)

I moved out of the area in August 2011 and the vehicle I had at the time would have cost over $100 for gas so we stayed in touch by skype and phone.

She had been a caregiver through agencies and retired and had her own place for awhile but then moved to her daughters in Fresno.

Things got stressed and she returned to LA and moved in with a friend she had been the caregiver to 10 years prior.

The first night she was there, she had a glass of wine and her friend slid a cigarette across to her. She. lost a 5 year quit. The familiarity of their past evening ritual had reclaimed her.

As time passed, the woman whom she had cared for lost the circulation in her legs from smoking and had to have one of them amputated. She was in rehab for 4 months and there was no smoking allowed so she quit.

She never smoked again but my friend continues on smoking...

Yesterday, my friends friend of 29 years died from emphysema.She couldn't breathe. Her BF was getting a breathing treatment and a cup of coffee for her.

My friend has no place to go.

Smokers leave tragedies behind.

Mike, please add a Linda to your list. Linda friend of Linda, friend of Dale.

r smartphones more addictive than smoking? 

Look around

now they look down

and text themselves into fountains

and frown

a US citizen from Virginia who joined ISIS and was in Iraq just turned himself in.

Now you know he's facing imprisonment but he said ISIS was just too strict and told him he could not smoke.

What do you bet he turned himself in because he couldn't smoke?

I guess the smoking was stronger than what he went there for.

PS He was smoking during his interview after he was captured.

Let me tell you what IS OVER:

The sneaking around to find a place you won't be discovered is over.

Your devotion to your killer is over.

Being out of control emotionally is over.

Being detached from what's going on around you is over.

It will happen if you will allow it.

We used smoking to deal with emotions and reward for tasks.

Many new quitters will say they love smoking but most will realize they don't after some education and the understanding that nicotine creates the stress we are trying to relieve because of the need for more nicotine.

But can you let go of the thought of loving smoking?

I have. I don't hate smoking. I never hated smoking. Hating smoking is not required to quit smoking. It's just neutralized. It's unconsiderable because of what I know about it.You don't have to get run over a bus twice to know it hurts. You don't have to get COPD or have a heart attack and treat them both as unheeded clues that smoking just may have played a role, do you?

What about you? Is some inner part of your thought process clinging to the idea of loving smoking? Or to the one cigarette that is only a mirage?


One step at a time gets you where you want to be!

Down Palomar Mountain Road on drift trikes

   Have you figured out what goes on here?  
If so, will you,  
A: quit?  
B: keep smoking?  
If it's A, you will be learning what we've already learned by reading the blogs and asking questions, changing up small things in your daily routine before you quit to get yourself off "auto smoker" and honestly considering whether you are going to quit and making a plan on how to do so.  
If it's B, and you intend to make a halfhearted attempt, what are you doing here?  
There's no sense playing at quitting. If you fail again and again all you learn is disappointment. 
So again, if you are fighting yourself just thinking about quitting while you are still smoking, you're most likely not willing to be uncomfortable or make such a major change to your daily life. 
Of course there is a cost to be free. Being willing to change is the price to be paid.. 
I know. It doesn't sound like much but that's why people keep smoking.
  You don't have to want to quit but you do have to decide to quit but, make the choice, or not, it's up to you.
We can help but you have to play this smart and, that means   thinking before you act.    We're here to give you our best, what are you willing to invest?

They have mozzarella and ricotta cheese on sale.

To me, that means lasagna.

I make meatballs the size of baseballs, cool them,. then slice them about half inch thick as I layer them with the noodles, cheeses and sauce.

It is much more involved than most of my meals and takes alot of time, so, I've found it's better to make ALOT

I'm still a little wonked out from my procedure Monday so, today I will go get the ingredients and cook the meatballs in the sauce in the slow cooker.

I'll deal with cooking the noodles and assembling and baking tomorrow.

I learned about slicing the large meatballs from a family I used to have dinner with every Sunday.

I learned to make alot because to do two pans at once takes less time than doing every step twice.

I'm doing it over two days because of my low energy after the procedure. (guage risk)

Think about this in relationship to a quit.

You figure out your triggers and decide how you will handle them BEFORE YOU ARE IN A PRECARIOUS SITUATION. Or, don't put yourself in the situation. Turn around, walk away and to save your quit if that's what it takes.

We can teach you the tricks to get you through. (the meatballs)

"if you fail to plan, you plan to fail."




Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 3, 2016

I tried to respond to a pm and my messages posted to me in my own inbox not to the recipient.

anyone else notice this?

Maybe we can stop you if you give us a chance?

It's impossible to stop you after you've smoked.

It's smoking a pack.

E-cigarettes 1 million times more harmful than polluted air, study raises cancer concern

Feb 29th 2016 3:18PM

A new study from Hong Kong Baptist University has found that e-cigarettes may be more dangerous than previously thought.

Although e-cigarettes are often used as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, the study discovered that e-cigarettes contain one million times more cancer-causing substances than outdoor air heavily polluted Hong Kong.

Researchers found that the level of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), a by-product of burning petroleum that is commonly detected in roadside air and carries various kinds of chemicals that promote growth of cancer cells, to be much higher in e-cigarettes than in samples of conventional cigarettes.

"[The level of PAHs] in e-cigarettes is at least one million times more than roadside air in Hong Kong," Chung Shan-shan, an assistant professor of biology at Hong Kong Baptist University told the South China Morning Post.

The study also found a type of flame retardant that affects the reproductive system and could lead to cancer to be present in e-cigarettes. This is the first time this substance has been found in e-cigarettes.

"Even though we don't know the exact number of e-cigarettes one should take, not to mention that many of the carcinogenic effects are cumulative, I don't think there is a safe margin," Chung added.

The Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health called for a ban on e-cigarettes after the findings were announced.

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