Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 1, 2016

     This may ruffle some feathers but, everyone must understand this to overcome smoking.

          What would happen if you made a business agreement with someone and went back on your word? What if you made a promise to a friend and didn't keep it? And what would your reputation be if you  kept repeating this pattern?   

     What about accountability to and respect for ourselves?  We care what others think and honor our promises and agreements with them so why not to ourselves?


     Do we give ourselves a pass by blaming it on addiction? Yes there is a physical addiction but it leaves within a relatively short time. And, yes, there is a psychological addiction but that part is overcome by simply giving yourself enough time to unlearn those connections.


     Some people say they learn something each time they fail at this, yet, they continue to put themselves in the position to give themselves permission to smoke. Isn't that what they need to learn?

     The positive thing to be learned from this is to stop making EXCUSES.

        "If You've quit and You're still smoking, You're doing it Wrong."