We don't know what life will bring and we never know what we can do until we do it!

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 31, 2016
             When I fell off a ladder in 2000 I was thinking "A month or two in a cast and I'll be back to normal" An hour later when every doctor in the hospital formed a line and paraded by to look at my foot which didn't even look like it was part of my leg, I didn't know what to think.      
     I went in for surgery late that night and after 5 hours they were too exhausted to finish. The next day the surgeon told me I had shattered the bones in my leg in 80 places, severed the lymph system and much of the blood vessels and he was going to go back in that day and finish up as best he could.   
     As it turned out, I was in a wheelchair and crutches for three years. After doing PT for 6 months (4 of it with a cast on)  I realized I couldn't push off with the ball of my foot because the ankle bone was not fused at the proper angle during  the surgery.  I could go on but the first 6 months gets me to the point of this story   
     Had I known it was going to be three years instead of a couple months I don't know how or if I could have dealt with it.  

     I tell you this because many of you think quitting is such a difficult task but compared to those three years of trial and pain (that were out of my control,)


Quitting is manageable. You are the only one making you smoke. It's in your control.

     ~~~Let each day strengthen you for the next and press onward~~~