The process of unlearning and disconnecting from smoking.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 21, 2016

I know you new quitters may think 2 years is a long time off but it truly passes quicker than you think.

         It really does take two sets of seasons (that's 2 years of holidays, physical season changes, emotional upheavals) to be reasonably confident you aren't going to choose to smoke again..       
It's logical if you thoughtfully consider it.      
We smoked for a long time and we have connected it to everything we do daily.     
We always knew when and planned where we could smoke and managed to be there at the right time or shortly thereafter.    
That's only part of it.   

Now we have to consider the emotions we've connected to smoking.








Through it all, we gave nicotine the power to soothe and calm.

Certain combinations of prior actions trigger memories which are bound to trigger emotions because, they are tied together "up there." 

Your first year quit you may get through a situation fine but during the same holiday the following year you might see someone from the past that may trigger strong emotions of a sad or traumatic experience.


I say this so you see the "connection" process as I believe it applies to all our life experience whether we are smokers or not.

  Our memories, though out of our control, constantly shape our future actions as our experience grows..

The statistics for relapse drop drastically at two years.
Stay with it and see!