Firsts on the 1st

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 1, 2016

First, Happy New Year!

For those who have just quit and are feeling out of sorts and discombobulated , please step into the recombobulation area.for your first coffee without a cigarette. Can't think of coffee without a cigarette? So change it up!   Drink it with your other hand. Drink it in a different place.

Success is about change and no longer being a Butt Tomato Magnet

Now a few questions. to show you where we all came from:

First Question:
What would be the first thing a smoker reaches for on New Years Day?
What would be the first thing a smoker made sure they had in an emergency situation?
What is the first thing a smoker wants after a meal?
After sex?
Outside a funeral? After church?

Do you see the smokers mindset?  Do you see yourself?

And now, do you understand how big the changes must be for you to succeed?
Will you be holding onto your quit or will you be holding onto smoking?

We'll be here to help you through the milestones of quitting.

Stick around!

Ask questions. We will help you navigate the site and your quit so you succeed!