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just received a text.

they ruled out a heart problem.

are looking to figure out shortness of breath which is now main issue.

keep him in your thoughts and prayers

Don't believe me?

Then why did you choose it over all else?

Why was it always your reward  after something pleasurable or disheartening?

The good part is nicotine is out of your system in 72 hours.

The hard part is unlearning all those repetitious "turn to" memories


that simply takes time making new ones.

I LOOve brunch.

I can be there in 10 minutes plus travel time.

What's cookin?

It did warm up to 64 so I took Hoggie out just now for his Grass&Graze-N-Barf session, a roll in the dirt and running up the tree.

The sky is beautiful, like a painting.

Maybe your holidays aren't  "leave it to beaver or father knows best type memories.

Music is for everyone. Music effects most everyone. Music can bind up our feelings and music can then set them free.

Music can take you on a journey away from bad spaces when you immerse yourself within it.

I was watching a Christmas special by the West Point Band last night. This arrangement of an old classic struck chords within me. Give it a listen and see where it takes you.

Merry Christmas

All the new people are coming! All the new people are coming!

What will quitting be for each of them? Will it be

“I’m leaving smoking behind”


“The sky is falling. The sky is falling”

The Answer is:

You make your quit what it is.

If you will take control and stop believing in Saint "Nic-O-Pause," you cannot fail.

Fake It 'Til You Make It! FOR Time Is The Healer!

And with the chords (it's in 6/8 Giulia)

So, what's stopping you?

The Christmases of my youth were wonders of family. My mom and dad each had many brothers and sisters.

When we were very young, people from both sides of the family would drop in to visit throughout Christmas Eve. When we moved 3 miles East, we had more room and everyone was welcome. As time went on, the wall from the family room to the living room was removed and the flow this change opened up made it possible to have 150 plus people.

I used to fly home for Christmas Eve from wherever I was on the road, even as far away as New York, for that single evening with family and friends. I never missed one. Even after I got off the road and through 37 years and two marriages, I never missed one.

Everyone brought their favorite holiday food to share, both sweet, and savory. The ginger ale over orange sherbet punch was the common connection. :-) We would get out the bass and guitar and sit around the piano, pass out the carol books and all sing Christmas carols. There was  the white elephant gift exchange which was always a hoot. Most of all, there was a feeling of belonging and a lot of catching up after a year..

Most of my aunts and uncles are long gone. Their kids moved out of the area and the ones that remain are too fragile to live on their own so they have traveled out of the area to live with their kids.

My mom’s been gone for 15 years. My daughter lives way out of town. No grandkids.

Christmas this year will quiet and somewhat less heartening than those huge ones in the past but,  I will have some time with family and I will enjoy that time.

Whatever your Christmas or Holiday time will be, make it the best you can.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and TGFS (thank God for Skype)

Getting through the holidays without smoking is huge! Make it happen.  :-)

Smoking is something we chose to do for a very long time. We can simply unchoose it and then unlearn it.

Many "Memory Years" of smoking are ingrained in our brains and patterns but,  if you allow the time, and learn to let the craves pass, you will lose the connection and forget about it.

digital photography

When I quit smoking, learning new things helped keep me from falling back into the old rut. Fresh ideas, fresh hobbies and interests....a really inexpensive hobby for quitters ($100 will get you in the game if you have a computer)

All you need is a camera. take some of the money you've saved from not smoking and get one. you can get a decent one for around $100 and step up after you see if you like it.

here's a few photos I took yesterday afternoon:

Conditional quits start with an

"If this happens or, if that happens, or if they do this or simply if it's too hard, I'll smoke."

Nothing can make you smoke but you.

Unconditional leads you to the freedom you seek or will surely find if you will stay with it.

So stop looking for them   :-)


Craves are

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Dec 11, 2015

But I was amused when I sat down in the waiting room and saw this on the table next to me....

no more control P

and control V


If you allow it instead of trying to force it. Live, Love Laugh and Be Happy!

I haven't seen Joni for a couple weeks at least. Anyone heard from Candy here or on FB the past few days?

Was she travelling?

Many people fall into their quit uncommitted, or, expecting some aid to quit for them.

You need to realize that smoking takes time to unlearn amd the reason most people fail is because they give up too early.

Would you keep track of the days you realize you didn't think of smoking at all (from the first time onward)

You can post them when you blog. These are the first tangible milestones you come upon in your journey to unlearn smoking. I've watched for awhile and it seems that many have their first one from about day 85-110.

Write each one down as they happen and perhaps we can put together an unofficial study?

I just started a group called "the first days I forgot about smoking." You can post them there if you recall them or as you experience them


I tried to call back but couldn't get through.

I haven't seen her, today, have you?

She can;t get online I'm going to assume.

You can't be saying things like "I want a cigarette" to yourself and expect to succeed at quitting.

When smoking thoughts get in your head Say "I don't do that anymore" instead.

Do you recognize these two brothers?

They were stars of two of the biggest TV shows ever.

I guess it would depend on how much you built up the idea of smoking to the point of smoking.

Some people don't plan it, they get in a situation that grows more and more condusive to smoking as they melt their inhibitions and thought process away with alcohol. No they didn't plan it.

Does it matter whether you talked yourself into smoking or whether you drank too much and allowed yourself to smoke?

I think what really matters is whether it makes you want to be a smoker again and/or if you use it as an excuse to go back to smoking. What do you gain by quitting? Have you begun to understand the good part yet?

Perhaps the first person who built it up and built it up in their head will have a big "let down" after they smoke and not go back. Or, maybe they just decide they can't deal with life without smoking. 50/50

What matters is that what you want is that which your mind will wrestle with unconsciously until it gets its way. It's our nature.

So, be careful what you "wish for" and don't let the "smoking self talk" get started

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