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Let's talk about laughing.

Laughing is free!

Laughing breaks tension and changes moods!

Use it to change tempo as you relearn life.

I have a club. It used to be pretty active. If you have something funny, perhaps something from fb that you wouldn't know where to post here, here is the link

it becomes easier to disregard smoking thoughts and urges.

I was too sick to want to cook a big thanksgiving meal so I split a fully cooked half ham with my brother so I could just skip the cooking. :-)

But, I am determined to make the turkey tacos I gave you the recipe for so today I went on the hunt for a turkey breast....and I found it, a 3 pounder, fresh and under $9.

It was the last one, or the only one but, it is mine. Shredded turkey tacos soon, no smoking.

If you can live through a bad cold, you can get through the 2-3 weeks of symptoms after you quit smoking.

At last

Good grief. I'm the only one here.

See ya at quittin time!

Here's some music for your distraction!  :-)

in the end, the middle, and, the beginning, that is what this place and what goes on here is about.

Quitting smoking is about finding the best part of yourself.

We are here to keep you on the path away from smoking until you can do it on your own.

Our hope is that you will be overtaken by the beauty of freedom and never go back.

Be thankful that you don't smoke anymore

and I hope you enjoy this video.


"each of us can find each others light"

and if you do, your idea of quitting smoking will be changed from impossible to easily managed

look at this time period as the trial run of your final quit.


knowing that we are the only ones that make us smoke

what's going to make you smoke after 130 days?


The answer is too much alcohol or you start talking the same old smoking routine crap until you talk yourself into smoking.

But it's easily managed. YOU JUST DON"T DO IT.

And after time you really do forget about it.

Oh Yeah! because yesterday felt like Saturday.

Dam colds. They sure feel like the first few weeks of quitting smoking!


Shredded Turkey Tacos (These taste amazing. The oil and vinegar is the secret)

(I use corn oil because it imparts the least strong flavor IMO)

Shred or chop 1 C lettuce to about twice the size of coleslaw and put in a bowl.

Add 1/4 C unseasoned rice vinegar and 1/4 cup of corn oil. Toss and let lettuce pick up the vinegar and oil taste.

Fry up corn tortillas to make your taco shells in 1/4 inch of corn oil (or whatever oil you use) Fold in half before they get too crisp and then finish frying to before they turn brown then drain and salt lightly.

Shred up some of your cooked turkey breast meat and and lay in taco shell.

Put some of the oil and vinegar lettuce on the turkey

Add some shredded cheese.


Did you know ceramic knives won't turn your cut lettuce or cut apples brown?

If you plan ahead and think thing's through, Your quit will long remain with you.

Talking yourself through situations before you are thrown into the self created vortex of excuses will save your quit.

My cup is exactly where it was 10 seconds ago. Try it yourself.

Next time you are rewarming your coffee in the microwave, time the turntable to see how long it takes for your cup to get back to the same place.

BTW, It's nice to know where the handle of your mug is before you open the door.

Honey? Did I park it right?

She's still got her hands on the wheel!

"Yes dear, you did fine."

you do have to be honest with yourself

please don't ask me to explain the above illustration.  :-)


you can just say BYE to smoking and not look back!

I was goingalong Thursday thinking I was on the worst day of the cold...

Then, Friday came along

I'm just tired of the misery as I wake this morning,

the misery, it's still here. when will it end? (in a quit, this is the mindset that will take you back to smoking)

Isn't it strange how we accept the physical symptoms of a cold as real.

But, what about the symptoms of withdrawal? Aren't they actually more psychological?

Here's the kicker. We've all had a cold and lived through it. We trust that because we've actually experienced it.

The misery is temporary. We are here to prove it gets better in time and there is a way out besides going back to smoking.

I may got a cold but, I'm not chilly, willy.

and I believe the description fits. coughing, runny nose, aches and pains. cannot sleep. no energy

So maybe there's some misery. it does end for most in 2-3 weeks.

(& change your paper nose dams as necessary...

Just curious

It's been  happening on one of my computers for the past month but now, it's happening on both and it's ONLY ON THIS SITE. It's inconsistent/not every time.

I googled the site (mobify) but there's no information on a browser hijacker with that name or any instructions on how to get rid of it.

Lets break it down.

The right button on a windows mouse shows you what you can do but, the left button is where the rubber meets the road.

We are your right click. We give you all your options and I believe, if we can get you thinking outside of smoker's autopilot, you have a good foundation to succeed.

It's too early for scrolling. :-) that'll be for another time

I'm headed over to a friends in a bit to play guitar and sing..don't wait up

Have you put any on your quit?

Have you bargained with yourself and told yourself things like "I won't smoke as long as my car keeps running?"


"I won't smoke as long as I get that job"

Bargaining with yourself may or may not be a kicker.

I did it. I gave myself an out. It was only one and the chances of it happening were miniscule but...




You can't bargain with a quit.

It's all or nothing....

Do you imagine there is some outside force that wants you to keep smoking and won't let you quit?

That's quite a vision but, what else could it be?

Everyone who knows anything about quitting smoking will say the first 2-3 weeks are when most people experience the strongest withdrawal symptoms of their quit.


The title implies you've made a choice one way or the other as to whether to replace the nicotine.


If you replace the nicotine, you will experience the emotional withdrawal but not necessarily the physical as you are using nicotine replacement.


So what happens when you use an NRT and you stop using it?


You may likely experience some of the symptoms of physical withdrawal. If you lowered your dose to nothing before you stopped using the NRT you may eliminate most of the withdrawal symptoms.


So, how will you deal without nicotine?


You've come a ways toward the realization that you don't need to smoke just because you think of smoking. You have that power. Once you understand  you don''t need to smoke just because you smoked in a similar situation in the past, smoking is not required like you believed it was.


So, yes, you've come a way and gained some ground.


If you experience some physical withdrawal after stopping the NRT, accept it. This freedom doesn't come free.


you know you can do it now The only way out is through.

I went to the dentist at noon yesterday and when I walked in, there were no other patients in the waiting room so I vocally announced, "I'm Here!" quite loudly.

Their response was, your appointment was at 10.

My response was, geesh, I made a daily schedule the last time I was here and  have faithfully transferred it to the next days schedule for over a month. I was sure it was noon.

I just now found the appointment card for yesterday's appointment  and it says NOON so you can change that "Can't" to a big "CAN" and pop goes the weasel!

Quit To Save Your Mind. It will get better.

Terrie indicated  she had not seen him for awhile and the last time I saw him was maybe Sunday 3am.

You don't have to want to quit. You must decide to quit and be willing to give it the time it takes to unlearn it.

The way to give it the time it takes is to not believe the lie of smoking.

People say they love smoking. You don't love smoking, You are loving your addiction and it will kill you.

You've known nothing else for so long you've accepted it and convinced yourself you love it.

It's the biggest lie in your life and you will see it if you allow yourself the time.

Be free. Live life without the filter .

On the third evening of my quit,  I was standing in the patio of a friends house and his brother walked into the patio from the garage smoking a cigarette when it hit me. "smoking is just a decision. I don't have to act on the urge to smoke. It's a choice."

The simplicity of it made me laugh. Laughing caused a dopamine release.

Every time I got the urge to smoke after that time, I laughed.

After a week of this, I actually thought of laughing in place of smoking.

If you will step back when you get the urge to smoke and look at your thoughts objectively like an outsider

you can consider what drives smoking and begin to separate yourself from it.

Only you can make you smoke and you have the choice not to.

Smoking isn't natural or we would have been born with an ashtray in our opposing hand and stainless steel lungs.

Onward and Upward

Did you feel the need to increase your smoking more and more to get the same buzz?

I don't feel like I did this. I believe I probably had certain times a day I planned to smoke and the amount I smoked was fairly stable unless I was drinking.

What about you?

I saw a story on heroin addiction this morning. They had the top views of two brain scans showing the dopamine receptors and the difference between a normal brain and a heroin addicts brain.

The normal persons brain was lit up in the area of dopamine receptors while the addicts brain was very dim in those same areas.

The explanation was that the heroin addicts dopamine receptors had died off and their brain was forever changed.

As I said, my smoking didn't increase over the years, in fact for me, when I was younger, I smoked much more.

How about you?

The uncomfortableness will end.

Give it time!

Keep on smilin' through the rain, laughin' at the pain
Just flowin' with the changes, till the sun comes out again
Keep on smilin' through the rain, laughin at the pain
Just flowin' with the changes, and singin' this refrain

It could be nothing more or less than what it is for each of us.

Something we did so many times each day takes a good amount of time to unlearn but, you will and, it does slip away.

The only way out is through!

1. The Patch will not stop you from thinking of smoking.

How could it?  Most of the cigarettes we smoke a day we don't remember.

Smoking has become automatic.

Knowing this, how could the patch break the automatic unconscious thought that is connected to everything we've done as smokers rolling around in our heads?

2. The patch will not keep you from smoking.

People do it all the time. They are quit while using the patch but they start thinking of smoking and choose to smoke. Then, quits later, they will say "I tried the patch and it didn't work for me"

The patch is an AID until you are clear headed enough to learn what it won't do and what you must do. You are the biggest part of your quit. You are the only one that can make you smoke.

It isn't meant to be used forever.

People who build a dependence on it can turn it into a psychological dependence because of the physical relief.

and, one day they begin thinking about how much they miss smoking or how great smoking was

To that I say, "are you crazy?"  What are you thinking?

Smoking is something YOU CAN LET GO! Give it some more time!.

YOU get through those first 130 days willingly and we'll meet on the other side.

We're waiting for you.


There's nothing like good Adolphe!

(no he's not blowing out any candles at 201)

All we ask is that you be willing to commit to getting through the initial rough times. (4+ months)

After that, time will make it easier and easier to disconnect from the occasional thought of smoking.

We see when people disappear.

We will try to send you a message and get you back on your quit but ultimately your quit is your responsibility.

We are supposed to have a large as opposed to moderate El Nino this winter.

(it means "the kid" in Spanish but evidently it's a kid without a diaper and a full bladder)

I remember a moderate one in 1991. I believe we got 27 inches in one month. I had to drill holes in the floor of the job I was working in order to keep the water from standing on them so we could keep working and then, pump out the water to the street. Fortunately, I had waterproofed the floors so the plywood wouldn't delaminate/separate. Many other contractors had to start over when their plywood was ruined.

This is the advantage of planning and looking ahead with your quit. You can avoid problems before they arise.

There's nothing worth smoking over.

I'm building an ark.  :-)

Quality of life after you've quit is what we want to impress upon you.

You really can't understand this until you understand how much smoking controls your day.

Or you can quit, the hard way.


As A Kid:

Wow, I remember when we would get home after a night of trick or treating

We would empty our bags out on the dining room table and assess our sweet windfall

As An Adult and Parent:

I would go to the stores the day after Halloween and buy candy at 75% off.

As A Diabetic:

I Don't Do That Anymore.

And that's the way it is.I accept my circumstances.

Do I miss it? No. I don't miss it any more than I miss smoking.

Time changes things. We adjust. The only guarantee in life is change.

Give your quit the time it takes. When you happen upon the first day you haven't thought of smoking, enjoy it and, the fact that more and more of those days will be forthcoming if you will let them, and,

You can be free.

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