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If you keep smoking you may have the experience.

    Bamboo under your fingernails?  


Being skinned alive?
Dragged behind a car?


  Spiders in your coffee?
  Snakes in your car?
  Do you fear failure? Did you die the last time you quit and began again?  If you are here you already know the answer.
  Failure is not something to fear because you can start over at any time. We recommend the sooner the better.   Quitting won't kill you. Smoking will.
   Will you be uncomfortable? YES (The emotional withdrawal)
  The simple fact of not doing what you were used to doing 20 times a day is going to make you uncomfortable.
  Not looking for a place to smoke is going to feel different.
  Any change is going to be "out of your comfort zone" simply because it is change and you don't feel in control. Live with it. You will adjust. It will be worth it. 
   Miserable? (The physical withdrawal)
  A 3 week head cold? I would compare the first 2-3 weeks of a quit as being equal to a 3 week head cold.
  You've had one of those, right?  and you lived, right?
  You feel out of it. You may not sleep as well. You may be angry or anxious. You may cry. (yes, crying is allowed. Crying won't kill you and   it waters the cheeks just like laughing until you cry)
   Tears are the river of the soul that undo the logjam of the mind
  Heard enough? Ready to get started or start again?
  Give it enough time. 
There are no excuses.
   One Simple Rule: "Don't talk yourself into smoking.".

We hear it said "I realized it didn't do anything for me"

When you internalize this and really own it, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

Don't delay

A few more days of smoking isn't going to improve your life.

A few more months or years will only take you further away from quitting.

I will say one thing and you need to believe me and not shy away.

Once you realize you can quit, you will never be satisfied with smoking again.

So "grab the ring" (that would be "life preserver" to you Puff :-)) and let's move out smokefree!

I challenge every person quitting smoking to WILLINGLY go 130 days from your last puff and tell me your thoughts of smoking are still unmanageable.


"Willing" is the key word here. It is not willpower. It is acceptance.If you fight and resent quitting you will probably go back to smoking.

If nicotine is out of your system three days after you stop using it,

If people are the most uncomfortable during the first 2-3 weeks after they quit,

If the receptors that have been hijacked by nicotine normalize to the same state as a non smoker in a month,

If quitting won't kill you but smoking will,

What's keeping you from quitting smoking?

Nicotine keeps you coming back while you are still a smoker but the familiarity and repetition of smoking and its connection to your memories is the most difficult part of letting go.

So, can YOU quit?



Heads Up

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Oct 28, 2015

People who aren't even members and wish to scam people can and do scan members pages for email addresses, phone numbers, etc. We suggest not putting any identifiable information on your page for this reason.

The only thing a non member cannot do on here is post a blog or see who is active on the site. Everything else is viewable to them.

At least on facebook you can choose who you allow to view your information and yet, who puts their email address or phone number on facebook page unless they're a business?

This is the internet. Be wise.

There's an orderly way to do it. There is an orderly way to quit smoking too. If you'll learn it, your quit will go much easier.

Don't go Willy Nilly or Goosey Loosey

and disappear.

Let us help you.

Stick it out and you win!

No Bull!

"Chronic Disease"

What is the difference between a (chronic) disease and an addiction?

To my way of thinking, a disease is a condition our actions can contribute to and/or our heredity dictates.

In my opinion, an addiction begins with a decision/choice that is then influenced by our environment.

(As in the people we hang out or live with. For example, living with smokers or alcoholics whose influence leads to one choosing the same addiction)

I read somewhere that alcoholism was originally classified as a disease for insurance purposes but there was equal dissenting opinion as to whether it was an addiction or a disease.

What do you think?

So I looked around with both my mind and my eyes and it was definitely "Cobweb Monday"


post a link to a song you like?

I use firefox and when I write a blog, I usually do so in my gmail as a draft and then paste the body of text into the essage of the blog I'm writing because of the timeouts here, etc.

For the past 2-3 weeks I have not been able to do so.

When I right click to paste nothing happens. There used to be a little box that came up to paste into when you right clicked. Now nothing comes up.

I can paste on Facebook or anywhere else. This problem for me is limited to this site.

Anyone else notice this in the past 2-3 weeks?

The ONLY WAY to be free of smoking is to unlearn it until you no longer think of it.

If you are willing instead of fighting yourself with your quit, you will begin having days where you don't even think of smoking at about 100 days + or - two weeks. Not much later, you will only think of it rarely.

Don't give up too early. So many give up and smoke when two more weeks would have taken them through the hardest time of quitting.

Give yourself the time it takes!

I made cheese enchiladas a few days ago and as they are rich, I wanted something to have with them to break up the richness.

I have a recipe for black beans (they don't give you gas) and decided to make them. I looked in my freezer and lo and behold, I found a jar frozen. I thawed them out Friday afternoon and when I went to heat them up yesterday morning I realized they weren't black beans but another bean recipe.

Now imagine if I let that inconsequential bump grow into a problem?

This is what people do with their quits. They hit a few little bumps in the road, grow them into mountains, and blow their quit thinking smoking is going to resolve them.

Excuses are just that. No beans about it!

Stop beaning around the bush! Accept the little unexpected diversions and keep moving forward.

The only way out is through!



Here's the black bean recipe.

Reach Down Deep And Find Your You

Some days you may feel harried

Some days they might seem scary

But everyday we're with you

To help your quit and carry

You through the good and bad times

the humorous and sad times

Know time will be your healer

This truth will be revealed

So stick it out and own it

Makes no sense to postpone it

Each day's no different really

As smokers we just floated

You'll learn that you don't need 'em

Hold fast and claim your freedom.

and I came to this site first thing in the morning

and all I saw on the blogs were ads from moving companies in India

I would think WTF? I thought this was supposed to be a quit smoking site.

This is what it used to be like here every morning, often the entire first page of the blogs was advertising.

Admin would stroll in 12 hours or more later and delete it.


Doesn't the Big Tobacco settlement fund this place?

If so, why is the site so cheap they won't have someone available to delete this stuff or TRUST some longtime members with the ability to do so which wouldn't cost anything?

I don't get it.


Heads Up

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Oct 20, 2015

Giulia's out of town until Sunday!

Don't you dare smoke and disappoint her.

for the peeping carp will be watching you. :-)


peeping carp

Smoking was our past but, smoking does not have to be your future.

Your entire outlook will change when you get out from behind those cigarettes but it takes time!

It's your choice. The only thing that keeps you smoking is you.


I got a pm this morning from this member saying they had been quit for 2 years and went back through their blogs because they hadn't been here for a long time.

I'm here alot so I notice these things.

Did they smoke? I don't know.

I can tell you, this happens often during the first 4 months.

Can I keep them or you from smoking? No.

I can teach you the talk. I may say things you don't want to hear but need to hear. 


Baking is a great distraction and I've called my buddy to come get some of it at halftime. :-)

I never ate 20 times a day

I never used the restroom 20 times a day.

What is the only thing I did 20 times a day?

I smoked.

Doing something 20 times a day takes some time to unlearn and dissassociate your memories from..

Do you want to quit? I didn't.

I was challenged to consider it.

Over the course of a month I learned I didn't need to smoke just because I thought of smoking.

When will you learn that you don't need to smoke just because you thought of smoking?

That's what a successful quit boils down to no matter what "method" you use.

Be Willing

I go in at 6am tomorrow to have another layer of cells burned from inside my esophagus.

They will send me home about noon.

For the entire first week, everything I swallow will be uncomfortable.

The mucous from the intubation will clear after that first week but my life force will be very low for the following three weeks while my esophagus heals itself from within.

It's a process and a very similar process to quitting smoking.

When we quit, there are milestones we each must get through.  The only way out is through.

You who do this over and over, again and again?

Try to grasp this process concept and allow yourself enough time to unlearn smoking and let it go.

Originates from the smoker.

It's just truth.

People are their ONE AND ONLY resistance when it comes to quitting smoking.

If I can show you that right away and get you through the first four months or so, I believe I can save you a lot of time, frustration and do overs.

I don't consider that harsh or unreasonable. How about you?

Quits are lost by people talking themselves into smoking.

You are here to talk yourself out of smoking when you are reminded of it NOT, into it.

When something reminds you of smoking, say "I don't do that anymore" out loud


Keep Them Away From Your Face.

The simplest way I know to work your way up to it is to begin thinking before you smoke.

The next step is challenging yourself to wait a little longer between smokes.  You don't deny yourself, you are simply making yourself more aware.

Working up to it enables your mind to let go because you can't help but be inspired that you have some control before you've even quit. You will notice less trips to the store and money in your wallet. When you realize this you will have proven that you don't have to smoke just because it crosses your mind.

There is no time limit to get to this place. I took 4 weeks and set my quit date the day I knew I was buying my last pack which was 4 days before I quit.

This is just an example of how to get into the mindset you need to quit successfully without struggling to get there.

Have a great Sunday!

"There is a beauty in the pain because of what you stand to gain"


Mama Said

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Oct 10, 2015

Do you remember? Once you learned that, those needles and injections were rarely felt again.

Some people approach quitting with fear and trepidation as if they were getting a shot.

If you listened to your mama, when you received future injections, you were free of those fears

We're Your Mama!

Turn Your Head!

(You don't need to cough, this isn't an exam)


Hello, my name is Lucky.

I've quit smoking millions of times and taken millions of people along for the ride.

They all believed in me and chose me to be their leader.

Honestly, I'm a jinx. No one who has ever quit with me has succeeded.

I think I KNOW you would be better served  listening to the advice of those here.

If you need me, you will find me smoking under the (feel like) crap tables in Vegas.

Good Luck? Nah, that won't stop you from smoking.


I like getting up early. I like getting my errands done when there is no one out there.

If I have to do grocery shopping, I do it at 6am. If I have to get gasoline, I do it just before I go shopping. If I need more cash than I can get at the grocery store, I go by the ATM of my bank during the same trip out.

So today, I needed gas and went a different way so I could get it early and not  have to backtrack with any frozen items after I had shopped.

It's still pitch black out there at 5:45 and, as I was turning right to go down a big hill, I realized there was a pedestrian crossing where I was turning and because I hadn't turned yet, my lights hadn't illuminated them. They had on all dark clothing and I nearly hit them. (they didn't jump so I guess it didn't scare them)

It got me to thinking just how fast things can change when you are driving and how my life and their life would have changed if I hadn't seen them in time.

I liken it to a quit.

You have figure out the scenarios of what you will be doing and think ahead just as you would plan your route. (planning is everything)

You have to watch for pedestrians. (risky situations-they can come out of nowhere)

You don't want to run out of gas. (you don't fight quitting until you are so tired you can't go on)

And you don't want to drive over the speed limit. (don't get caught up thinking you got this addiction licked or it just may bite you in the butt!)

That is all.

Onward and Upward! can change your direction when it comes to quitting smoking successfully at any time.

The score was tied. It had all come down to a field goal attempt in overtime.

The kicker was a new hire, a rookie.

The ball was hiked, he kicked it, and ...........................he missed.

But as it turned out, someone from the other team had jumped early and was offsides.

The kicker got a "DO OVER" and this time, he made the field goal and won the game!

This failure could have haunted him for years and affected his career.

With quitting smoking there is no defensive player who is going off sides. You are in control.

You make the field goal!

If you will own this knowledge, there is no excuse to defeat yourself.

Onward and Upward.

New quit smoking app for high schoolers "Nico-teen"

Or the NRT for tea drinkers  "Nico-tea-n"

How about the new peanut based candy NRT for crazy people "Nico-Nutz"

she has been banned automatically because she hit 3500 days.

You're next if you make it that long. (and I'm getting close)

Seriously, she should be back as soon as Sean returns from his 3 week vacation and reinstates her account.  :-)

or sooner.....


Taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as your own.

(We don't do that here)

It's easy to copy and paste someone's work and it's just as easy to give them the credit.

It really doesn't take a

It takes willingness and time to unlearn the automatic thinking and reaching for one.

If you will stop telling yourself you want to smoke and give it the time it takes, you too can be free.

Stir your integrity and stop being played by excuses you yourself are creating to smoke.

No one else is telling you to smoke but yourself.

Unlearn smoking and you can be done with it.

On the third day of my quit,  I realized smoking was a choice and I could simply choose not to smoke.

That made me laugh.

I began laughing every time I got the thought of smoking and after a week, I was thinking about laughing instead of smoking.

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