Smokers Don't Get To Smoke, THEY HAVE TO SMOKE

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Sep 29, 2015

I've never met a smoker yet who deep down wouldn't prefer to be a non smoker. They just don't know how.

Quitters are where you find them.

I was shopping at 5:30 and when I came out I backed into a pickup truck's brush guard and bent it slightly.
I wasn't in a big hurry. It was dark and his truck was dark.
I gave the driver my insurance information and went to my other store to shop.
He called me as I was checking out and said there wasn't much damage and he didn't want to pursue any action.
He also said he noticed I hadn't come out of the first store with any groceries and asked me if I needed some help.
I explained the bookmark brought up last weeks ad and nothing in the store matched it and I was fine.
When I got home, I called him and told him I noticed a pack of smokes in his pocket when we were talking and offered to help him quit smoking if he ever became interested.
He was very open to the idea and asked me how to get started.
I told him to just tell himself to wait a little longer when he wanted to smoke and it would prove to him he didn't need to smoke every time he thought he did.
I told him about the site.
Helping people find their freedom is a labor of love, I can explain it in no other way.
~Onward and Upward~