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Evidently, the genes of your offspring are altered  in a way that creates a 15-22% greater chance of their children having asthma even if your children never smoked.

It's understandable that we don't want to offend or be attacked by someone for telling them they shouldn't be smoking when they don't want to hear it.

This is a way you can show your empathy without offending.

Simply say "I did that for 40 years "  (fill in the blank for however many years you smoked)

That's all you have to say,

If they want to talk about it they will ask you how you stopped.

If they aren't interested, you lost nothing but, you have made them think about what they are doing in a non confrontational way..

And remember, you are not out to convince them of anything.

They are the ones who have to choose. All you are doing is planting a seed.

I've never met a smoker yet who deep down wouldn't prefer to be a non smoker. They just don't know how.

Quitters are where you find them.

I was shopping at 5:30 and when I came out I backed into a pickup truck's brush guard and bent it slightly.
I wasn't in a big hurry. It was dark and his truck was dark.
I gave the driver my insurance information and went to my other store to shop.
He called me as I was checking out and said there wasn't much damage and he didn't want to pursue any action.
He also said he noticed I hadn't come out of the first store with any groceries and asked me if I needed some help.
I explained the bookmark brought up last weeks ad and nothing in the store matched it and I was fine.
When I got home, I called him and told him I noticed a pack of smokes in his pocket when we were talking and offered to help him quit smoking if he ever became interested.
He was very open to the idea and asked me how to get started.
I told him to just tell himself to wait a little longer when he wanted to smoke and it would prove to him he didn't need to smoke every time he thought he did.
I told him about the site.
Helping people find their freedom is a labor of love, I can explain it in no other way.
~Onward and Upward~

This is the line that sticks (in my craw) from a quit smoking aid commercial.

Is it any wonder smokers have so little faith in their ability to quit?

So let's carry it to the next step.

What about all those who continually use something to quit for them and continually fail?

Their failures would imply that they couldn't quit using something either.

This crux of this failure is: Too many people believe something is going to quit for them.

It just doesn't work that way.

The failure rate at 6 months for people who use any of the aids is the same for all of them and the same for those who used nothing.

Nothing can quit for you.

If you learn what you are up against and willingly move forward you will succeed.

Your Choice!

Beating around the bush only hurts the bush.


Self Talk

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Sep 23, 2015

Your outcome is found in what you are telling yourself.

If you are serious about quitting, start challenging your day to day routine as a smokier.

Smoking is so automatic you really need to see what you are doing and start changing things up or you may never escape it.

You can read until your eyes get blurry but if you don't put it into practice, it means nothing and you gain nothing.

Change it up.

If you smoke in a certain place, go someplace else and smoke. If you smoke at a certain time, delay it a while.

You need to establish where you are going before you start the journey instead of dreading your quit date and blowing it.

        The most difficult part of quitting is the arguing with yourself.       
You can choose to surrender the fight and let that part go.      
You can talk the talk but the road you walk is in front of you.

Onward and Upward.

We can't control life



I didn't PUT MYSELF in a bad place before I quit.

Smoking is a choice just as not smoking is a choice.

You must decide to quit. This decision doesn't have to be painful or abrupt, but you must get your logical head into your quit and throw out the addicts logic and voice.

When you decide to quit, you can put the garbage aside and look at quitting for what it is.

In this way,  you control it and not the other way around.

With a choice comes willingness instead of fighting with yourself.

Before I quit, I simply told myself to wait a bit longer when I wanted to smoke. In four weeks I was down from a pack a day to 5 a day and I wasn't focused on quitting. I had proven to myself I DIDN'T NEED TO SMOKE JUST BECAUSE I THOUGHT I DID.

Smoking is learned behavior with nicotine keeping you coming back for more. You don't need to create anything more difficult out of it.

It is awkward for a time because you are learning a new behavior but you need not give it any more credit than that.

No one has died from wanting to smoke.

When you internalize these simple concepts and let go of the BS, you will succeed.

what they do is temporarily satisfy your addiction to nicotine.

You are the one who keeps yourself from smoking. You are the one who has control of your hands, not the NRT.

If you are using a piece of gum everytime a mental connection drives the urge to smoke, you may likely be ingesting much more nicotine than what you ever got from smoking.

If you start doing that you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of NRT addiction by believing that is what is keeping you from smoking.

They will help if you don't believe they are all that's between you and a cigarette.

It doesn't help to become even more addicted to nicotine by overdoing it.

Keep Them Away From Your Face with your hands.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Sep 19, 2015

It's talk like a pirate day! (google it if you don't believe me maties)

Don't drink like one


Don't smoke like one!

Mine is Johnny "Soft Heart" Pepper~"The Stranded Sailor Of Ghost Beach"

What's your pirate name?

After we've quit amd when we sleep, there are small hairlike appendages that line our bronchial tubes called cilia that sweep the crap out of our lungs. These are paralyzed when we are still smoking.

For a former smoker that includes the tar that built up in our lungs. It sometimes collects in the back of your throat and then gets on your tongue from the saliva. That's why you taste it.

Normally it goes through your digestive system and if you aren't careful will stick you to the crapper. If you find yourself clearing your throat it is because of this tar.

I cleared my throat past my first year of quitting.

PS: Dpn't get stuck on the seat! :-)

You don't have to hate smoking to let it go but, you owe it to yourself to see it for what it is.

That sentence contains the gist of what prevents people from being non smokers.

Where does that thinking come from?

Is it from a lack of concern for ourselves?

Is it from other people's comments about how hard it is to quit we've listened to all these years?

Is that why we believe we can never break free?

For myself, I was a mindless smoker who  never really thought about quitting.

What took YOU so long?



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Sep 15, 2015

What we choose to do with it is up to us.

As I watched An Unfinished Life a couple of mornings back, I couldn't help but marvel at the storytelling as the movie progressed. It was one of those movies that kept you entertained as it fed your desire to know what was going to happen next.

It's very similar to this journey we call quitting smoking..

We really never know where life will take us but we learn that smoking is not required.

Smoking was our status quo but we've learned to let it go.

by organizing we give things structure but, the structure is in our minds.

do those plates know you are stacking them in the same way when you put them away at night?
does the grass know it's been mowed?
does a lighter miss cigarettes when they aren't together?

the structure is ours.

A cigarette is an inanimate object. we chose it in our lives and then it structured them.

We have to disassemble that part of our structure and make a new one.
It becomes easier to quit as we accept this.

Bee Happy!

Happy Birthday On Porpoise!


I had no knowledge or plan when I quit but looking back, it was all very logical.
I had to come up with solutions during my construction career that were not only better, but, much less expensive than the specialists hired by the client.

How to do it?

You sit down with what you know and look at a problem from all angles, then think through each step of each path of resistance so you can choose the best one.
When you've done that, there are no doubts or questioning yourself or saying, I should have done that instead of this.

I've laid out what is involved in timeline form based upon what I've watched here and on another site for almost 9 years.

There is no need for emotion when you look at a problem logically.

One more thing smoking contributes to:

Smoking contributes to acid refulx/gerd by loosening the valve between your stomach and esophagus which can let the acid back up into your esophagus and burn the cells until sometimes, they can mutate into a whole different type of cell that does not belong there and can become cancer.

A short explanation of  G.E.R.D  and Barrett's

The procedure is shown below.

I was diagnosed with Barrett's with high grade dysplasia  in May of 2012. I started bleeding in my esophagus and after a 3 day weekend, had lost 25% of my blood. Had to have a transfusion and tests resulting in it's discovery.

I have been under watch since that time and treatment started about a year and a half ago.

They knock you out, stick the catheter down your throat and burn a layer off the damaged inside and scrape off what they burned.  In time they hopefully get it all and the mutated cells are replaced with normal ones.

If you have regular heartburn

Best thing you can do is not eat within 3 hours of lying down, and pitch your bed so the head is higher than the foot end. I have to take a quadruple dose of acid supressants daily and have these treatments every 4 months.

Wish me well. I'll try to be back here in 10 hours or have Nancy give you an update.

PS I didn't realize I had such severe acid reflux so it went untreated for years. If you regularly have heartburn, have your primary dr. refer you to a specialist. Esophageal cancer can take your life in less than a year.

and it can go down the drain

I took this yesterday. :-)

This brainwashing is on TV constantly.

This proposed need for continued dependence is what makes people believe they can't quit smoking unless they remain addicted to nicotine.

They don't tell you that the psychological urge to smoke and the mere years of repetition drive the urge to smoke as much as nicotineThey don't tell you that once you are off the nicotine you can unlearn the cues and urges to smoke by unlearning that repetition.

These ads imply nicotine is going to satisfy the whole enchilada of quitting smoking.

DON'T BELIEVE IT! They are just in it to keep taking your money.


Because the more time you spend away from smoking, the less you think about it.


If all you dwell on is not being able to smoke, YOU WILL SMOKE.

Time is the healer if you give it the chance and choose the road away from and not back to smoking.

Keep it simple

Believe It!

and we'll help you get through it!

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