The Catchphrases You Hear On A Quit Smoking Site

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 21, 2015

"My quit didn't stick" "Wish me luck" "You have to really want to quit to quit"

      I contend you don't have to want to quit if you decide to quit and you can't quit until you decide to.     
Ok, so, we've all heard it said "you have to want to quit to quit"     
       This phrase is bandied about on quit smoking sites like some kind of absolute. Actually, I see it as no more than an addicts catchphrase. An excuse to fail. An excuse for past failures. It's NOT TRUE     
      Plenty of people here have been told by their dr. that they have to quit and have been very successful. Youngatheart for one, Thomas for another. These people didn't vaccillate. They thought about what they were told and they decided and quit. A friend asked me to quit to influence his older brother.    
How many times have you said that to yourself and gone a day or a week and then smoked.   
So, consider this: Did you really want to quit if you smoked anyway? 
It's the addicts game of excuses. "I must not have really wanted to quit." "It didn't stick" 
   What kind of thinking is this? 
   I love Connie's phrase "terminal uniqueness" regarding what people tell themselves that leads to their failure. 
Don't play these games with yourself. It all gets down to deciding to quit. 

You don't have to want to quit but you do have to decide to quit..

  I didn't want to quit. Thomas didn't. Tommy didn't. Nancy didn't. Plenty of others here didn't want to quit either. What we all have in common was our decision to quit.

PS There is no luck when it comes to quitting smoking. :-)

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