Do something you've never done to break a crave and give yourself a memory that is unconnected to smoking

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             The Corn Oil Conundrum (A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS)         
First, you shouldn't have cigarettes around after you've quit but, if you do         
And if you're tempted...         
1. Pour three cups of corn oil into a large bowl and immerse your hands in it before you pick up that lighter.       
NOW, Do you think you would ever forget the experience?       
2. You could drink it down      
Now, whether you made it to the bathroom in time or not, do you think you could ever forget the experience?      
       The next time you think of smoking, corn oil will be the first thing that comes to mind.    



AND NOW, Some Less Corny examples. :-)


You can't smoke with wet hands. Ever tried?


You can't focus on anything else when your mouth is packed with ice cubes.

You can't focus on smoking when you are biting into a lemon, skin and all.

Do something but don't smoke!