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Once you get that..... smoking offers nothing

Once you get that..... nothing makes you smoke but you

Once you get that..... life is ok without smoking

Once you get that .....if you put yourself in risky can lose what you gained

Once you get that..... time is the healer

You need not be thinking of smoking or not smoking. :-)

Keep knocking off the rough edges/urges and you win your freedom!

Rivers can be very dangerous with their currents and rapids yet, many will choose to take the river.
What if I told you the psychological addiction of smoking was a car and you could either drive it across the bridge or swim to the other side with it on your back?

Does the bridge still look that bad?

No it isn't. or at least,  it doesn't have to be!

It will be awkward and uncomfortable simply because you are in unfamiliar territory  not knowing what to do with the extra time, money and mostly, your unbridled emotions , but, QUITTING DOESN'T KILL YOU!


If you accept quitting, decide you won't let your emotions rule your quit, and willingly enter into this not as a battle but instead, "a change" you will make it a lot easier on yourself and put yourself in control.


See it for what it is and stop BS'ing yourself.


Smoking iI Not Required, Breathing Is!


Onward and Upward!

      if you will just give yourself enough time to have a day that you don't think of smoking    

you will believe. Hang on. Look for it.


When you hear yourself say "I didn't think of smoking all day!" It's EXhilarating!

     This happens for most around 100 days   

Commit to getting to that first day you don't think of smoking and you will have more days like it in the two weeks that follow.This is the beginning of the end of smoking.


Onward and Upward

As your emotions awake from "smokers slumber" you will begin to refuse being run over which is what the slavery of smoking allows, encourages and DEMANDS. We ran for the dopamine of a cigarette rather than confront and deal with our feelings.

If you are around smokers you might ask them to smoke outside or find yourself a place to escape. After awhile they will make the connection and possibly realize your right to not breathe their slipstream. Friends who blow smoke in your face after you've quit ARE NOT FRIENDS. Friends who are trying to get you drunk so you fail ARE NOT FRIENDS.

Wake Up! It's OK to take back your life and accept your emotions as valid.

Onward and Upward

"Cigarettes are the deadliest artifact in the history of civilization" – more than bullets, more than atom bombs, more than traffic accidents or wars or heroin addiction combined. They are also among "the most carefully and most craftily devised small objects on the planet."

It's been 4 weeks since his last post.

Here is what worked for me. (This is what I did to avoid anxiety over quitting and eliminate any and all negative thinking before I quit.)

a friend asked me if I would quit to influence his older brother to stop. I said I would consider it.

During the next 4 weeks all I did was every time I wanted to smoke, I simply told myself to "wait a little longer." I never counted how much I was smoking. I never denied myself. I simply told myself to wait a little longer.  This minimized focusing on quitting smoking and allowed it to happen naturally.

After 4 weeks I had gone from a pack a day to a pack every 4 days. At that point I had proven I didn't need to smoke just because I thought of smoking.

I bought my last pack at the counter on a Friday and quit the next Tuesday. I saved one cigarette for the morning of my quit so I wouldn't feel deprived, smoked it and went and got a box of patches a couple hours later.

I forgot to wear one the 4th day and rode it out to see how I would do. I did fine but the next morning I felt like I needed the nicotine so I continued on the patch. (I was listening to my body not my addict)

By the end of the second week I forgot two days in a row, so I just stopped the patch. I put one in my wallet and promised myself I would put one on and wait an hour rather than smoke. (Once again, I was listening to my body. I knew the patch wasn't what was keeping me from smoking, I was.)

By telling myself to wait but not denying myself, I never got anxious about quitting. I didn't even set a date until 4 days before I stopped completely.

Quitting can be a decision and not the torture we've heard about our whole lives if you don't amp yourself up and agonize over it before you get started.


You don't succeed at anything, especially quitting smoking, by going in circles.

We are simply trying to save you time and steps in your thinking.

You get the urge to smoke because YOU'RE NOT DOING SOMETHING YOU'RE USED TO DOING. Yes it's different and uncomfortable finding new things to take up that smoking space in your head, but don't turn it into something it isn't.
When you get the urge to smoke say "I don't do that anymore" out loud and don't create something unmanageable in your mind. .

Do you see it on the tabs for this site when you're logged on?

I saw it last night and left a note on seans message board explaining that the timeout problem has been a problem on this site since it's inception so they don't think it just sprung up since they changed providers.

The timeout problem was in the original site code.

Marilyn from Canada says she can't log in. I guess we won't know if any others are having her problem if they can't get on the site.

It frustrates the heck out of the newbies when they don't know it's going to eliminate what they wrote when they hit publish and everything dissappears.,

Just curious if this might be a simple fix?

There are a couple of workarounds for now:

Write the blog in your computer's word processor or your email and then copy and paste it into the body of the blog.

Write as much as you can and put what you can in and then post with (to be continued) at the bottom then  you can click edit and post the completed blog after erasing (to be continued.)

when I quit, I discussed with myself what could possibly make me smoke and narrowed it down to the highway patrol coming to my door to tell me my family was gone.

Now, of course, I realize smoking wouldn't fix it.

This is the crux of what you need to realize...


I can't tell you how many times this forms the basis of an excuse after people lose their quit.

Nothing makes you smoke except you.

It usually comes down to talking yourself into smoking (emotions)


Alcohol and then giving yourself permission to smoke.

Any others you can think of??


"I don't do that anymore" because I made a decision and kept it.

A Survey

Wouldn't it be intreresting to find out how many people went back to smoking?

How long they were quit before they went back?

How many times this has happened?

How active or if they were active here or just lurked?

If so,

She called me because she didn't want everyone to worry.

She keeps getting the message, connection timed out.

She also has a migraine.

Let's keep her in our thoughts and hopefully she wll be able to get on soon.

Don't focus on wanting a cigarette. You might not make it back.

Notice how he chose to jump in?

No one pushed him.

So it is with smoking after you've quit, a decision.

Stick it out! Stay away from that marsh of indecision.

Post HELP here BEFORE YOU SMOKE if you're headed that direction

Some people work toward not breathing and don’t even realize it.

I did it for 40 years.

I stopped.

How about you?

The process of our lungs cleansing themselves after we quit smoking is quite amazing.

When we are horizontal (as in asleep), tiny hairlike organisms that line our airways "sweep".

"One of the respiratory system's defense mechanisms involves tiny, muscular, hair-like projections (cilia) on the cells that line the airways. The airways are covered by a liquid layer of mucus that is propelled by the cilia. These tiny muscles beat more than 1,000 times a minute, moving the mucus that lines the trachea upwards about 0.5 to 1 centimeter per minute (0.197 to 0.4 inch per minute). Particles and pathogens that are trapped on this mucus layer are coughed out or moved to the mouth and swallowed."

Sometimes the "crap" works it's way to our throat and just sits there making us feel like we can't clear our throats.

For me, this lasted well over a year.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jul 11, 2015

They will ruin a new quit every time.


Smoking won't change anything. Don't talk your way into smoking.

Step away!

Cool off!

Don't use emotions as an excuse to smoke.

When you succeed you will understand the only thing holding you back was you.

You don't have to make a big deal out of it. That's the brainwashing telling you how difficult it is.

You make it what it is.

You are changing your behavior. If you don't choose to quit, you can't change it.

This is what unchoosing and then unlearning smoking is all about.

It's not a fight. It's an understanding with yourself.

"I don't do that anymore"


"Keep them away From Your Face"

What's yours?

Onward and Upward!

Do You?

Does it have to be more than that?

Does it have to be fraught with excuses?

Do you have to do it over and over?

Nancy/Youngatheart celebrates tree years today.

Strike Up The Music!

CONGRATULATIONS NANCY on THREE Years smoke free! :-)

Wouldn't you know she'd pick a date where everyone celebrates? :-) :-)

Breakthrough : a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.

This behavior change of going from smoking 20 times a day to where you don't think of smoking takes time.

Everyone of us who smoked for a long period of time has hundreds of thousands of smoking memories

There's no hard and fast rule to when each of us has our breakthrough.

Some people say they didn't feel their breakthrough until 6 months.

The truth is, of you don't make 130 days, you don't make 180.

If you don't make 6 months you don't make a year.

So get through until your breakthrough.

Time is the healer. Don't focus on smoking, don't put yourself in risky situations and let it work.

Fear of the unknown is the seed of deception.

If someone has a knife to your throat, you have a right to be fearful.

If that someone is you, you , and only you can take the knife away.


Onward and Upward!

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