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I smoked for 40 years and finally decided no.

How about you?

We weren't made to be smokestacks you know.


May just result in more years of smoking with unmeasuable damage and disappointment.

You may never muster the willingness to quit again.

Do it now while we can help you.

Don't think of quitting as denial. It's not about denial. It's about you putting yourself in control.

You are not a victim. You  chose to smoke just like I and everyone else did.

There was never anyone holding a gun to our heads forcing us to smoke a cigarette.

Stop using the "I can't do it because" excuse and move Onward and Upward!

$10 fine the first time someone underage gets caught smoking.

Fine goes up to $50 with continued offenses or required community service.

Is this going to do anything except make smokers under 21 hide?

What do you think?

We chose it.

The time has come, not to over complicate quitting but, simply, to unchoose smoking.

Congratulations BonnieB.

I am happy you realize you don't look at smoking in the same way you did 130 days ago.


You probably will

It isn't what you try, it's what you do.

Nothing is going to quit for you or keep you quit.

This is really a mind game but,you are playing against yourself,

"yourself" being the memories and emotions connected to the 100's of thousands of times you smoked.

So, the mindless repetition with the reward wasn't so mindless.

Now you need to unlearn those connections by making new ones.

Smoking is harmful and delays or denies proper healing.

Not only can it be the cause of your malady, it will go on to accelerate your demise by not letting you heal after treatment if you continue smoking.

And you are still smoking?

Every smoker may pay a physical price for smoking. It may be before they quit or it may be many years after.

The point of quitting should really be focused on quality of life as a non smoker as compared to remaining enslaved to tobacco, letting it control your life and remaining powerless over it. What kind of life is that? It's a life of continued scurrying about to find a place and way to smoke. For some, it's a life of spending every last cent and doing without other necessities to satisfy the nicotine addiction.

Your quality of life is in your hands. What choice will you make?

But, if you aren't ready to quit, you won't succeed.

Ready means willing to never smoke again

Ready means holding yourself to a promise you've made.

There are no bananas and there is no waffling. (But you may have an occasional waffle.)

but it may not be pretty

and your quality of life will never improve if you never quit.

There is No Demon. There is Nothing to Blame, No Excuse to be made.

Quitting smoking successfully is simply modifying your behavior long enough until you don't automatically think of smoking.

Be Willing! Don't fight what you say you want.

Time Is The Healer.

For many, relapse is simply an excuse to smoke longer. (as in, 'til they quit again)

What if you don't quit again soon?

What if you just keep smoking another year? or two?, or 10?

How much damage may be done?

Every time you lose a quit, you put a hole in your armor and risk your future.

Smoking is a Choice

The only way to be successful is to UNCHOOSE IT!


The safest camel is a camel-lia!

You weren't created to be a chimney.

Choose Life!



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jun 6, 2015

add a letter and you have a strong crave breaker.

it is also said eX life improves after you've quit smoking.

Two guys are drinking in a bar. At a certain moment one says to the other: “I know a magic building. If you jump off the roof, you won’t die and you can fly your way back.”
Well the other man doesn’t believe his new found drinking buddy and demands a demonstration. They go up to 50th floor of a building. The first guy jumps off the roof and indeed he comes back flying. The second man is completely blown away by this demonstration and decides to try the same. When he jumps he falls down like a ton of bricks and dies on the pavement downstairs.
The first man returns to the bar alone, where the barkeeper is waiting for him. “You’re such a jerk when you’re drunk Superman. That was my third costumer this week.”

The moral of the strory is "Don't get drunk with Superman or your quit may slip right through your hands."

Smoking takes time for the mind to unlearn.

Quality Of Life

Higher Self Esteem  from knowing you aren't doing further damage  by continuing to smoke.

There is a new drug tthat boosts the patients own autoimmune system and works better than chemotherapy.

It works by taking the blinders off one's auto immune system so it sees the cancer and destroys it.

It handles both squamus and non-squamus cancers.

You go in every two weeks for an IV. No numerous trips for vlood tests, etc.

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