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The first World No Tobacco Day began in 1987. I had been smoking 20 years by then.

I have another treatment tomorrow morning for my Barrett's Esophagus. Please keep me in your thoughts.

They will go in and burn off a layer of cells where the constant acid bath has mutated them into precancerous cells.

Did you know that smoking weakens the valve between your stomach and your esophagus?

Smarten Up! Stop smoking now and you can hopefully lessen future smoking related damage.

Smoking: The biggest, longest lasting lie we ever told ourselves?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you uncomplicate the quitting process and stop creating doubt and difficulty in your own mind.

Time is the healer.

It's the lies

The Biggest Obstacle To Quitting Smoking Is The Unknown

Most smokers begin in their teens before they are socially or emotionally developed.
We never experienced life without a cigarette in our hand.
We now  have to learn what we never learned How to be comfortable in our own skin without our crutch.
Some people just aren't ready for that kind of change
Some will never be ready for that kind of change because this kind of change is life changing.
They've become too comfortable getting the drug and letting the world go by.
Yes, the unknown. This is the hard choice for most people about quitting.
This is the one that spawns a million excuses while hiding itself in a cloak of fear.


There is a joy in change. All you have to do is get started and you'll see.

after the nicotine is gone, quitting smoking is more about breaking the pattern and the thought process that smoking has so engrained into our behavior.

my third day I learned to laugh when I got a crave. it became the smoking replacement. the change from the smoking norm. every time I thought of smoking I laughed.

After a week I was thinking about laughing instead of smoking.

There are so many other things you can do:

The rubber band on the wrist breaks the normal thought process.

Simple reminders that aren't difficult or painful.

Eventually you recognize why you're doing the new behavior and can let it go.

It's a process. Keep them away from your face long enough and you forget about smoking.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 22, 2015

Remember, You are in control.

You gave it up when you smoked but, you're taking it back and getting real.

If you frame your quit with

"I can never do this" or "I'm going to be a smoker the rest of my life,"

you've framed your quit with impossibility.

Successful long term quitters know,

A good quit takes some time to grow

They had rough times but did not doubt

that time and life would lift them out.~~~PermaShave

Unlearning smoking is the secret and time is the healer!

Don't trip on your own feet!

Memories are what get you thinking about smoking. Thinking about smoking directs your thoughts to the possibility of smoking. Allowing the consideration of smoking takes you to the edge. Step Back. Have an exit plan in place and use it BEFORE you get to the edge!

I contemplated quitting at the request of a friend. The only change I made was to tell myself to wait a little longer when I wanted a smoke.

That's it. No counting. No denying myself ever.

After a month I was smoking 75% less. I never consciously thought about what I was doing. No date until a few days before I quit so no big buildup. I wasn't focused on quitting. Never wrapped my head up in fear or desperation.

After 4 weeks I had proven to myself I didn't need to smoke just because I thought I did.

That's the whole game right there.

Once you see you have some control by breaking up your routine a little, you realize you can change this and nothing bad is going to happen.

Don't turn it into something you can't overcome before you even begin.

Get on it. Get your head out of that dark place  :-) by changing your smoking routine and take a bite out of it before you quit!

You mean what you say. After hearing yourself say it over and over, you take action.

Choose your words wisely and you win.

Choose the wrong words and you go back to smoking.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 14, 2015

Do you care?

Do you thoughtfully consider your own reality?

Are you happy?

Is your life situation a lifting up? or a let down?

Are the people around you helpful?

Is caring about yourself and your life’s direction any priority?

Do you just coast?

How can any of this change?

You can accomplish more soul searching when you aren’t thinking about smoking or your nicotine body clock isn't nagging you.

Change takes time. Change takes changing.

Smoking is a trap.

Let’s get out!

You can't shake it if you aren't willing to let it go.

Nicotine will never be done with you until you are done with it.

I will try anything I need to help you see what you're up against and plant a seed of change.

You have to water it.

You have to grow it.

YOU will be the one harvesting the crop.

The fruit of your decision and steadfastness will appear in time.

Don't give up too early. Time is the healer!


I live life without thought or fear of smoking.


I've learned it's a choice, its feeling is temporary and its slavery offers nothing for me. Why would I re choose it when I've seen it for what it is?


Quitting smoking is getting something back we inadvertently gave away.


Happy Mothers Day

Could we get a searchbox for our inboxes that would let us search by user? and just maybe, get all communications from each user in the order they were received like on facebook?


thanks universe

He doesn't get to smoke, he HAS TO SMOKE

Smoking doesn't have to be a life sentence. Smarten Up!

The writing is on the wall!. You aren't in control until you TAKE CONTROL.

This is probably one of the few jobs left where you get paid to smoke. ('til you get run over by the truck you didn't see while you turned into the wind to light up. :-)

It doesn't take a genius to quit smoking. Common sense helps. :-)

Open your eyes. take a good look at what's going on and break it down instead of being overwhelmed by your own thinking. We create our success or failure by our thoughts.

You may not feel it yet, but, if you stick with it, you will realize that there are many more positives to quitting smoking than continuing smoking.

Ask us what you want to know

Nourish it and watch it grow.

"To sever or interrupt the connection of or between."

I believe the ultimate quit is the point of disconnection.

Non smokers never chose the connection to nicotine and smoking.

Are they less prone of the need to feel pleasure?

I don't necesessarily believe that.

We all get our dopamine from different things.

Anything that you enjoy and repeat because of that enjoyment could be considered an addiction.

I have found that music has always been my release.

Others find it in the excitement of sports.

Others by pushing themselves to the limits of their physical abilitiy.

Others with nature by getting their feet off the asphalt and into the dirt.

These are the things that will disconnect you from smoking.

You have to allow disconnection. You can't sit around and pine for something that was a lie. Pining for the past just because you know nothing different is staying in the trap. Let it go! Live! Disconnect!

Onward and Upward.

Have a great Saturday!

Why do successful quitters say this resoundingly?

Because we were all brainwashed into believing it was impossible.

Plain and simple: You are simply unlearning smoking.

It takes Understanding, Patience, Willingness and Time.

We can help you with the Understanding part. The rest is up to you.

Blame any discomfort on smoking. That's how it was created.

You are worth it.

See it through.

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