Did you ever stop and think

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 28, 2015

That the reason there are three strengths of patches is so you can step down and get off them?

Now I don't know what the intended length of the program is but if the primary goal is to step down the nicotine and get off it and not just keep using nicotine for 10 weeks or whatever

Why couldn't you just step around that full program mentality and get yourself off them at YOUR WILL.

As YOU become comfortable.

This "I have to do the whole program to be successful is UNTRUE.

People who use the patch it's full course of treatment go back tp smoking at the same rate as everyone else at 6 months.

When you grasp the concept that you are thinking of smoking but you don't need to smoke, you are getting close to knowing what quitting is about from YOUR PERSPECTIVE, and you may be ready to let it go.

The patch is an aid that can allow you to step outside your old reality as a smoker, think about what you are doing and take control of YOUR QUIT, nothing more.

I realize there will be some who used the patch it's full course and will claim that's what gave them their success, I believe if you believe something, you can make it real for you and have seen this quite evident watching people quit smoking. In the end, you will discover this is all more of a head game than a nicotine game.