Keep Them Away From Your Face

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 27, 2015
          We all came to believe a drug was stronger than ourselves.        
We all came to believe it was the most important thing in our lives.        
Oh, we never talked about it or confronted it but our years of actions spoke louder than our words.      
We let it become the joy in our life.     
We took it's advice and succumbed to its control and relinquished our lives to it.     
Why do we stick around? To help you open your eyes and see this.    
Do You Want Out? You can't change until you wake up.  
Will you wake up? Will you break out of the nicotine nightmare and make your new dreams?  
    It's letting go of the drug and then, it's overcoming memories that urge us to repeat something that we made our "normal." 
   Do we need to over think that until we create enough chaos in our minds to smoke?
Keep It Simple Stupid

Time is the healer