Smoking a cigarette does not solve anything

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 18, 2015

Once you have DECIDED to quit, it isn't so much about how you quit but about honoring your decision.

The core belief we all must come to in order to be free of smoking for life is smoking a cigarette does not solve any problem whether at work, home, at the scene of an accident, saying goodbye at the grave of someone you love, your wife or partner walking out on you or losing your job. Cigarettes aren't going to fix it.

Getting to the place of having that belief is more important than any method each of us comes up with for ourselves to get us started. True freedom from smoking is getting to that place of understanding.

So I say eat broccoli.

You can buy it fresh or you can buy it frozen.

Cook it in a pot, or bake it in the oven

Add a little cheese, use a little butter

IT WILL KEEP YOUR QUIT. Believe and you won't falter!

(reach for the understanding and you can skip the gas)