if a group of nicotine addicts....

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 20, 2015
          if a group of nicotine addicts were left on an island with no hope of escape and only one pack of cigarettes        
a  would they kill each other to get those cigarettes for themselves?       
b  would they cut off limbs of others thinking there was nicotine to be had in them?      
c would they all start crying because they didn't know what to do without their nicotine?     
       d would they begin trying to smoke the palm trees     



a would they assess their situation and realize there were more important considerations to survival than nicotine?


b after a month, would they realize that they had survived without nicotine?

c would they come to understand that living does not require smoking or nicotine? 
and after 2 years 
a if a rescue party did show up, how many would ask for a cigarette as their first request? 

I would hope the majority would have taken a backwards look and appreciate being free of the need to feed their old addiction and not choose it.

What if you were one of the survivors? Would you choose to go back to smoking after two years?