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will you?

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Feb 27, 2015

You can't undo the lies you've accepted to remain a smoker until you can look objectively and visualize the truth.

That is the choice you alone have to make.


Breath Insurance

We're trying to help you see.

Quitting smoking can halt the damage degree.

Not only does quitting have no monthly premiums, you're actually making money by not smoking.


You can't smoke if you don't keep any around. (if you live with a smoker, this may not apply)

I can't tell you how many people have lost their quits because they kept cigarettes around for an "emergency."

If you have to get dressed, find your keys, walk to the car, open the door, turn on the ignition, back out of the driveway, get to a store, walk in, get out your money, ask for cigarettes................

There are a lot of steps before you can smoke if they aren't sitting in a drawer in the next room.

Every step is an opportunity to think about what you are doing and change your mind.

Smoking is not required. Breathing is!

Well first, you have to not tie your entire quit to the belief the NRT is the only thing that's keeping you from smoking. If you can't get to that place, you need to learn more about quitting. As smokers, the nicotine makes us need another smoke but once you've not used nicotine for 72 hours, it's pretty much out of your system. It's the memories of the ritual we did so many times, that familiarity, that you are missing, even more than the drug, that becomes the tugging to smoke.

I could recommend a three day rafting trip with no nicotine available. If you don't hit your head on a rock and drown, you will be through the worst of it. :-)

My first two weeks were spent playing guitar 10 hours a day at a friends house. I had my patch for the nicotine and the dopamine from playing.
I didn't turn nicotine into a big part of quitting. In my second week I stopped using the 21mg patch when I forgot to put one on two days in a row. (I didn't place my quit in it's hands, I held it's hand until I forgot I needed it.)

I joined a quit smoking site that night and just stayed on interacting, asking questions and learning. I was so busy, I didn't even notice I had gone from the 21mg patch to nothing.

Others may look at the instructions and set an approximate date to let them go.

My honest recommendation would be to listen to your body and not your addict and when you are ready to get off nicotine, plan to be real busy and distracted.

and try not to fall into the rapids.:-)

Which one would you choose?

Well that's what I'm telling you. :-)

The hard road is fighting to stay quit.

The easy road is accepting you've quit.

It's your choice.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Feb 23, 2015

I think it sends the wrong message.

There are plenty of people here who have quit the first time with no relapses.

This is essentially saying "you can't do it" because I couldn't"? or "you can't do it because someone else couldn't"? Is that how any coach approaches winning at something, by telling people they can't do it?

If I were someone who had never tried to quit,  it would surely be discouraging to me and actually give me excuses to fail. It's pretty much on the same level as the propaganda about how hard it is to quit smoking that is passed down from generation to generation. All of us who have quit know it's doable.

What did the first time successes do differently than those who relapse over and over? They thought about what they were doing instead of being overtaken with eXcuses and they learned what quitting was about and what to expect instead of stumbling blindly along.

Anyone can quit the first time and honestly., I've never figured out what the advantage is to quitting over and over and over again.

Just Sayin'

That would be YOU.

Nothing guarantees your quit eXcept YOU.

You Can't Blame A Situation or Somebody Else. There are NO Excuses To Blame it on.

Don't smoke it up

Keep them away from your face.

          if a group of nicotine addicts were left on an island with no hope of escape and only one pack of cigarettes        
a  would they kill each other to get those cigarettes for themselves?       
b  would they cut off limbs of others thinking there was nicotine to be had in them?      
c would they all start crying because they didn't know what to do without their nicotine?     
       d would they begin trying to smoke the palm trees     



a would they assess their situation and realize there were more important considerations to survival than nicotine?


b after a month, would they realize that they had survived without nicotine?

c would they come to understand that living does not require smoking or nicotine? 
and after 2 years 
a if a rescue party did show up, how many would ask for a cigarette as their first request? 

I would hope the majority would have taken a backwards look and appreciate being free of the need to feed their old addiction and not choose it.

What if you were one of the survivors? Would you choose to go back to smoking after two years?

Didn't you read the fine print? It was part of our agreement to smoke. That, and putting it above everything and everyone else.

I believe common sense.dictates you begin from the only point that cannot be changed.

This one point happens to be the top hinge. You attach the top of the hinge jamb to the framing until it's plumb and level it's full length and then, you adjust the head jamb so the space in the corner above the hinge is equal to the space that the hinges create between the door and the jamb and you tack the head jamb in position. The full length of the jamb on the lock side is the last to be set and easiest to be adjusted to the edge of the door because it's only fixed point is the top corner where it meets the head jamb. It's all common sense if you stop and think about it.

In quitting smoking the top hinge is your DECISION TO NOT SMOKE.

"If you've quit and you are smoking, you're doing it wrong."

I know people inherently realize this but, until you accept it, you will repeat the cycle.

The secret to this is not letting your emotions rule your quit. Nothing makes us smoke. We make us smoke.

Time is the healer.

Free of that deep addiction that controlled us.

Yes, it's deep,  but the new water rising up as the old is removed is clear and refreshing.

CHANGE Not CHAINS! Never going back!~

Drink from the new water and find yourself. We'll be your bucket and your rope.

All you have to do is Keep Them Away From Your Face!

accomplishment rating = less than zero

It doesn't solve stress, buries your emotions, plus adds stress due to the need for nicotine. AND it is not without financial and health costs as well..

quit smoking = become your own hero.

This means you won't have to be self conscious and try to cover up the butt smell so you don't feel like an outcast. This is a huge improvement to your self esteem as well as in  a dating situation where being a smoker can often be a deal breaker.

Non smokers have good and bad days too, right? Good days and bad days whether you ever smoked or not.

No one thinks quitting smoking is going to make everything bad go away do they?

Willingness opens the door to the acceptance that smoking is not required and fuels the positive direction you have chosen.

You don't have to worry about buying cigarettes, or running out, or choosing whether you should get cigarettes or food.

You don't have to worry about who sees you trying to hide your smoking or what you smell like, or scurry around to find a place to smoke.

There are some difficult days but if you can quit 2 days, or 4 days or 2 months, doesn't that prove to you that you can quit. Doesn't that say, hey I really can quit?

I promise you that you will have more good days than bad during your first 130 days if you are not being counterproductive with negative thinking about how hard it is or how you can't do it? People talk themselves out of their quit. There is no gun to their head making them smoke.

I would venture to say that the ratio is 10 good days to 1 bad day unless you dwell and fixate on smoking. But see, it's your choice.

So if someone on the verge of success at quitting is having one of those difficult days and someone else comes on and suggests they start vaping and it restarts or continues their addiction to nicotine, I believe it's irresponsible.


let it go

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Feb 12, 2015

Looking at quitting smoking in a negative way is essentially fighting to stay a smoker.

Are you stuck in this cycle? Been there, done that?

Here's how to break that cycle.

Accept the 2-3 weeks of initial discomfort, begin unlearning smoking, and you are on the way to a freedom you've possibly never known.

We get in a comfort zone. It's our nature to want safety, security and not continually be in fight or flight mode.

Perhaps it's due to circumstances we do not control. A relationship.  There certainly Is the need for something that fills the need for comfort and releases dopamine.

Smoking was actually a very easy way to be comfortable. But, not good for us.

If you look at Quitting Smoking, Weight Loss, Athletic Achievement or any other of a multitude of things, they can all pretty much be achieved with the same willingness to make change.

So, perhaps we begin to create a new comfort zone by beginning to chip away at it?

(one day at a time)

We all leave the planet sooner or later.

There was a kind person, one of many, who guided and supported me when I quit on another site 8 years ago.

Thank you for your care and committment friend. You will be missed!

R.I.P. Peggy


I want to smoke everyday
From pegrob on 12/22/2003 11:25:47 AM
There isnt a day that goes by that I dont consider smoking. And if I had a lungdart here I would do it. But I dont.If I would go get cigarettes, it would be a deliberate act.
People act like a slip is just something that happens to them, sounds like something PASSIVE like it "just happened to them, they couldnt help it", and they are a victim, but actually it takes ACTIVE action. You have to make a decision, get in the car, go to the store, and all this gives a person time to change their mind. I know because I have brazenly made that decision numerous times in the 45 years I smoked and tried to quit zillions of times.
I miss smoking, I would like to smoke, but smoking is just not an option and I tell myself I am a grownup woman, not a baby, the answer is NO, you cannot smoke ever again. And every day that I do it I am stronger and my junkie is learning that no means no, and begging and pleading is not going to change things. Its like handling a child, you need to be very consistent because if you give in sometimes, you aren't believed.


Don't turn quitting into more than what it is.

When you get the urge to smoke say "I don't do that anymore" out loud

There are 2-3 weeks of uneasiness due to the physical changes your body is making which are the withdrawal symptoms.


Other than that, It's unlearning the reaching for or thinking of smoking and that's all described throughout the site blogs.


Nothing can make us smoke except US.


(and in two years you will have a whole different perspective on what the turning point was all about)




Put away the blame game and lose the "I can't do its" and it becomes possible.

I got a text yesterday afternoon from my buddy Steve that there was going to be a negative low tide at 3pm and asking me if I wanted to go to the tide pools at South Cardiff Beach.

We took off 15 minutes later.

Look at the patterns of and in the sand as they continue from above down into the pools and realize that these were created by the tides alone. It's some real artistry. I hope you enjoy it.

Neptune's Wiggery

We Don't Control Life Or Death But, We Do Control Our Quits!

When you get a considerable distance into your quit, you will realize how important having control over something as powerful as the hold smoking had over you, EMPOWERS YOU AND YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF WHAT LIFE IS!

Enjoy Each Day Don't Smoke Them Away!

on no mans land

We speak of unexpected craves coming in the three months after your first month.

With the knowledge and mindset taught here, you're hopefully learning how to accept quitting and not fight it.

Once you've learned that, no mans land should be no problem. (Again, fighting to stay quit is why people go back to smoking)

Some here have told me they had it easy in no mans land. I attribute that to having the knowledge to not be overtaken by emotions.

Control your emotions and think before you act and smoking can be something that rarely crosses your mind.

Unexpected DOES NOT EQUAL Uncontrollable

We haven't spoken but we've texted a little bit.

He was hanging on.

Nancy had me send him some fight.

Keep the prayers coming for him. This is a serious condition and is going to be a process. He said if and when they do send him home, he will be on an IV for at least 10 days.


10:30 PST

He just texted and thinks he's out of the woods as far as imminent danger.

Newspaper and paint. A roll of wire and your imagination

If you're creative, you might have some fun with this!

It's just doing things differently until you are free. Take the emotion out of it.

Plan ahead so you can make the right choices in situations that might test you.

We'll give you all the tools and the tricks you need to quit and stay quit.

You need to let it happen and there's nothing that makes you more gutsure that you're doing the right thing than being happy about it.

The only way out is through!

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