Because of the smoking decline in the West, big tobacco has taken the same lies and advertising

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that they used to suck us into smoking worldwide, yes, even to the youngest of children to addict them

The promises?

1. Smoking is cool


2 Smoking is not harmful

Now, I'm not much for the blame game.

Many smokers will say, "It was my choice" but, if you look back at the old commercials and realize what an influence they had on our parents born in the nineteen thirties, and after, and then look at the influence smoking parents have on their children, I think it's safe to say that big tobacco was very intentional in its motives. They even had doctors doing cigarette commercials saying how safe smoking was.

Once again they are spreading the same crap around the world to generate new customers. they have cigarette stands at the entrances to gradeschools in Indonesia and they have no shame getting children addicted to smoking.

WARNING: don't watch the following if seeing children smoke will make you want to smoke.