Tools For The New Quitters (Please Try Them. They Actually Work)

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 2, 2015

Tools to break a crave immediately
>>Bite into a lemon, skin and all
>>>Stick your head in the freezer, breathe the cold air and imagine how foolish you must look.
>>>>Stand on your head and sing dixie into a glass jar
>>>>>Run around your car playing a guitar
(The first two REALLY WORK)


Positive Self Talk
The most powerful phrase I've found to break a crave is
"I don't do that anymore"


It's a simple reminder but very powerful when you hear yourself say it. In a week you will be saying that when smoking crosses your mind.


Laughing out loud really helps. I found this to be true when I considered how absurd it was that I was craving something and I could simply unchoose it. Laughing out loud releases dopamine and your body chemistry can't help but change positively when your hear yourself laugh, even if you don't feel it. (Google Dr. Gupta about laughing)


Quitting smoking isn't about luck. It's about being smarter than the old you. It's about doing an end run around your old self to become your new self.


My best to all you new quitters