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My brother and I each have small propane grills for an occasional steak or grilled veggies. Mine was my Christmas present to myself. The one time I used it was on Christmas day to make a steak.

Someone stole the regulator and 2 full bottles of gas.

All I could think of was, I wonder who had the opportunity to even know they were there. Mine was hidden behind the stairs and not easily seen unless you've passed it a number of times and happened to notice it.

I'm upset that I no longer have a grill. The regulator costs more to replace than what I paid for the grill.  But it was a done deal. It took over an hour to assemble it and I had an option to grill if I wanted to.

So some thief decided to change my life.

It reminds me of the thief we call smoking. We never knew how much it took from us until we stopped letting it.

You are on a journey.

You can't help but become a different thinking person as you watch yourself let go of smoking realizing what power it had over your daily life.

Are you seeing it?

If you are seeing it, BELIEVE IT. It's your way out.

Keep Walking The Talk

The connection to nicotine is smoking.; The connection to smoking is nicotine.

Some will not unlearn the connection between smoking and nicotine by using self dosing NRT's.

In fact, many will not be able to let it go believing they are what is stopping them from smoking and keeping them quit. Thus they make the physical addiction a psychological addiction as well and remaining dependent upon it. That's a double whammy!

Your decision is what stops you from smoking. You stay quit by finding other ways than nicotine to initiate a dopamine release. (and there are MANY)

This is why I don't recommend self dosing nicotine replacement.

If you are going to self dose, make a plan to get off of the NRT's within a reasonable time or it may still control you.

Nicotine is out of your body in 72 hours after your last use. The withdrawal symptoms are experienced over a 2-3 week period for nearly everyone. I compare the symptoms to a bad head cold, nothing more.

So how do you let it go?

You start gradually testing yourself by keeping track of how much you are using and cutting back gradually until you realize, "Hey, I'm not smoking and I'm not using nicotine either."

Nicotine will never let you go until you let it go.

I was thinking he must be able to see himself from the same perspective as I do to move so effortlessly

Actually, it's become second nature to him, effortless

Your quit will become effortless as well if you give it time.


Isn't quitting smoking just modifying our behavior by making different choices until we make the different choices automatically instead of grabbing a cigarette automatically?

Keep It Simple

It's just a matter of giving it the time it takes for that to happen

I promise you that if you don't fight yourself on this, you will have days you forget about smoking around day 100.  Some of you cannot even imagine that right now, but, you will see it happen if you stick it out.

The only way out is through.

This is the view from our backyard.


You can't smoke and surf. Grab your board and let's get going!

Waves get smaller, not bigger. It's natural.

Craves don't get bigger unless we do that with our mindset.


Let 'em flow, Let 'em go

And after a time they'll be no mo

I was watching the history channel this afternoon and there was a comparaitively scrawny magician in a weight room with a bunch of sweaty weightlifters.

He was explaining to them how everyone has a weak spot

He watched one of them lift a huge amount of weight and when the athlete was done, he asked him to examine a wooden box about 5 x 5 x 16 inches with a handle on top.

The magician then asked the weightlifter to hold it straight out in front of himself with his left hand and then to put his right hand over his left.

Then the magician said when he touched the weightlifter in his weak spot that the box would become very heavy. When he touched the weightlifters forehead, the weightlifter could not keep the box from going downward.

Pretty soon this 5 pound box was on the floor and the weightlifters muscles were shaking. He admitted  he was embarrassed. What made his muscles go weak? Why couldn't he keep a five pound box at chest level for no more than seconds?

His mind had been convinced that he could not keep that small box in the air.

Lack of belief is what makes people lose quits

This is why we stress the mind aspect of quitting. You can't do it if you don't believe it.

I began experiencing extreme myalgia/scoline pain Saturday morning after my Friday procedure. I could barely move Saturday and Sunday as a result. Every muscle in my body was screaming. It hurt to even cough and I could not blow my nose without extreme pain.

I couldn't turn in bed or move my legs off of one another easily

Evidently the anesthesiologist administers a muscle relaxant to avoid problems slipping the intubation device through your vocal cords.

This happened once before after a procedure but I had no idea it had a name.

As I will most likely have more of these procedures, you can bet I will discuss using a different muscle relaxant with the anesthesiologist before the next one.

I feel about 50% of normal today.

Absolutely No inclination for a cigarette

Your destiny does not have to be repetition of the same choices

You have a choice. Stop making the wrong ones and blaming the results on something else.

Many of us never smoked in our homes but for those who did, smoke particles settle everywhere. Anyplace air can travel, smoke travels. (it settles in the carpets, furniture, glass, every surface, everywhere.)

I happened to run into some videos by a person on youtube and some of them were about getting rid of the smoke smell.

Evidently, you can wipe down all surfaces (preferably with a hepa filter running in the room you are working in) and afterwards us an ozone generator. You can most likely rent these items.

Have you or did you experience any major physical withdrawal?

We talk about the symptoms but only we know the extent of our own physical withdrawal.

So please share if you feel comfortable.

Myself, I went from the 21 mg patch after 10 days to nothing. My secret was keeping busy and getting dopamine a different way. I believe these are critcal to going through the initial withdrawal and would work for any persons quit.

Oh, and the reason I stopped using the patch after 10 days was only because I forgot to put it on two days in a row.

I still had the 2-3 weeks of withdrawal symptoms but my business minimized them.

What was your experience?

You knew that! LOL

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

The procedure went well. I have to go back in 3 months to see how this burn heals. I did ask him how long the high grade dysplasia cells were and he said originally 11, now 7-8 so these burns are removing a layer at a time.this was my second one in that particular area.

I spoke with Nancy beforehand and she is going to try and make an appearance on the site but needs to find a way to use her computer that doesn't hurt to sit.

I guess some of us know about anxiety and depression in the beginning of a quit.

I'm going to cover the four topics in the title for you.


When we are smokers, our bodies introduce more oxygen into our blood stream to compensate for the carbon monoxide smoking introduces. When we quit smoking, this extra oxygen can make us feel spacy or lightheaded. Our bodies readjust over the first month. (I ran over a lot of curbs at the corners when I first quit LOL.Thomas' blog today said that the carbon monoxide particles can cling to the red blood cells for days.

Overt Brightness Outside

I noticed that sunlight seemed much brighter than normal to the point of being uncomfortable after I quit smoking. This too adjusts to normal over the first month.


Honestly, nicotine makes our digestive system work better so without it, it takes some time to readjust but usually about a month after you stop using nicotine.

Clearing your throat

As soon as we stop smoking, the cilia that line our breathing apparatus become unparalyzed. Their job is to use a sweeping motion to bring out the impurites from smoking and anything that gets past the hair in our nose.

Some people cough. Some don't.

I didn't cough but i remember clearing my throat constantly because the impurites tend to collect there while we sleep  The stickiness tends to make us need to clear our throats. I believe this is why  when people wake, they tend to think they are actually tasing a cigarette. (please be careful that you don't get stuck to the seat. LOL) This throat clearing lasted just over a year for me.

Bonus Information

After you clean out your car., cut an apple in half and put it cut side up in a short margarine type container and put them under the front seat (s)

You would be wise to start making changes to your normal smoking patterns before your actual quit date.

Get off automatic (they call it tracking here)

When you want to smoke, ask yourself if you really need that smoke or if it is one of the automatic ones.

If it's one of the automatic ones?, tell yourself to wait a little longer.

Make it a game with yourself.

You will learn a lot about yourself and you will come to realize that you don't really need to smoke every time you think you do.

This is a major lesson learned. before your actual quit and that learned knowledge can fuel the beginning of  your quit for you.

They have had her in PT and climbing stairs equivalent to what she must do when she gets home so that is a positive. She knows she has enough strength and she can always stop and rest. (You can't do that with a PT slavedriver looking on. LOL)

I told her she was probabl;y going to need to see what she could and couldn't physically do for a week and then make some decisions as to how long her daughter would need to stay.

I won't be here tomorrow for a good part of the day. I'm having another of those esophageal burns for Barrett's Esophagus. I have the first appointment at 7am so I should get home by 1-3pm EST. You can't eat anything for a few days that might  scratch the raw area after the burn so, f went out and got some jello cups and some milk to make mashed potatoes with deviled ham a little while ago. Been there, done that before.

More information

Smoking weakens the valve from your esophagus into your stomach. Acid refulx is often the result. I didn't know I had it and it went on for years untreated. I have high grade dysplasia in a number of areas which is just before cancer. My dr said 6 years ago, they would've just chopped out my esophagus.


that they used to suck us into smoking worldwide, yes, even to the youngest of children to addict them

The promises?

1. Smoking is cool


2 Smoking is not harmful

Now, I'm not much for the blame game.

Many smokers will say, "It was my choice" but, if you look back at the old commercials and realize what an influence they had on our parents born in the nineteen thirties, and after, and then look at the influence smoking parents have on their children, I think it's safe to say that big tobacco was very intentional in its motives. They even had doctors doing cigarette commercials saying how safe smoking was.

Once again they are spreading the same crap around the world to generate new customers. they have cigarette stands at the entrances to gradeschools in Indonesia and they have no shame getting children addicted to smoking.

WARNING: don't watch the following if seeing children smoke will make you want to smoke.

the only way out is through

you have to do some cocooning to become a butterfly.

Give it the time it takes.


Quitting is only as difficult as WE make it so don't over think it.


It's simply being willing to unlearn something you've done many thousands of times.


There is no enemy. There is no fight unless you make it one!

Yes, it takes some thought to make different choices but, don't make it more than it is and blow your quit.




She called this morning while my hand was on the broccoli crowns. (I don't think it means anything)

I didn't tell her I was shopping until I was checking out and it was my turn.

She just called again.

I asked her the crucial question "how are you getting your chocolate?"

She said her daughter had brought some salted caramel chocolates.

So does that mean all is well?

If she gets out this next Friday and not the following Monday it will fit with her plans. LOL

We'll see!

We got to laugh and that's what we do best.

...........more when I know more


It's OK

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jan 11, 2015

It’s OK
I’ll try again next year
It’s OK
I’m still young
It’s OK
They smoke a lot more than I do.
It’s OK
I’m not hurting anyone but myself
It’s OK
I can still breathe fine
It’s OK
It’s just a little blood

I see people come here and do sideways back flips trying to quit and leave smoking.

quitting is only unlearning smoking.

it takes about the same amount of time initially as toilet training.

it's unlearning something you did perhaps hundreds of thousands of times.

you don't need to complicate anything about this concept.

it's unlearning It is NOT TORTURE. It may be awkward because we smoked for so long but you must keep it in perspective so you aren't overtaken by yourself.

if it's anything other than unlearning you are making it that. In doing so you are adding unnecessary difficulty to a simple concept and your quit.

willingness and understanding that all you are doing is unlearning smoking will get you there


Not much news.

She's pretty helpless  The bed slopes and she wakes near the bottom in very uncomfortable positions. She can't move herself and there aren't people readily available to help get her up so she's stuck in that position for hours.

She is able thankfully, to order the widcard lunch. LOL

She said they are going to try and release her the middle of next week. I told her not to screw it up as the last rehab center circulated so serious a virus that she had to stay weeks extra and they had her taking drugs so strong that it killed off all her gut flora. (this plays a major role in our immune systems)

The good thing is her daughter is able to do her work online from 8-5 PST online. How cool is that?

So when Nancy comes out her daughter will be able to help for a bit.

She appreciates your support.

That's all folks!

(You people in the snow may need to wear rubber pants and shovel shoes)

perhaps one more accesory?

A friend smoked on the anniversary of a tragedy.

The loss of a parent, child or pet? A house fire? Losing your job?

You KNOW it's going to come. Probably within the first year or two of your quit.
Life isn't the perfect dream where everything goes the way we think and things last forever.

The only thing certain in life is change.

How are you going to prepare for it? What is your escape plan?


If you think about what you are about to do BEFORE YOU DO IT,
Can you stop yourself? Will you stop yourself?


What will you accomplish if you smoke?


What is more important than keeping your quit and NOT smoking? Tears? Grief?


You can choose to  experience loss or stuff it down with nicotine and possibly repeat the cycle over and over.


Make your quit important. It is probably the first time you've thought differently since you became an addict however many years ago.



Get a digital camera ($150?) with some of the money you are saving and capture images that catch your eye as you travel.

If you have a computer and a digital camera, you can do amazing things and it costs nothing. You don't even have to save the pictures on your harddrive anymore. The government is backing up everything for us.

I live near the beach and when there are clouds (or even when it's sunny, LOL)  it is especially beautiful for photography. Winter can be strikingly beautiful in many forms.

Give it a shot. There is usually an editing program that comes with the camera or you can download it.

It's a lot of fun.

Here's a slideshow of yesterday's drive.

You don't even have to eat the food to get the dopamine. NO CALORIES

and now the recipe:

My mom used to make a taco casserole. (I use ground turkey)

Taco Casserole 9 x 13 Pan (makes 8 decent size servings)

12 Large Corn tortillas or 15 regular ones

2-3 Cups Grated Cheddar

1 1/2 lbs Ground beef or Turkey

15oz enchilada sauce (from a can)

1 onion Chopped Fine

1 can pitted olives drained

1 can red kidney beans drained

Cook the meat and onion down in a 12" pan to reduce the moisture by 70%. Salt and Pepper to taste

spread a very thin layer of enchilada sauce over the bottom of your pan

1 layer corn tortillas

1/2 the red beans

1/2 the olives

1/2 the cooked meat mixture

1/3 of your remaining sauce

1/3 of the cheese

another layer the same as above

then a last layer of tortillas with the remaining 1/3 of the sauce and the last 1/3 of the cheese.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes

I had a very difficult time with these thoughts. I was honestly feeling I might never be free.

(Yep, near the end of no mans land)

When I learned the following, it was a POWERFUL turning point in my quit. For with this knowledge, I knew I could and would be free.


The pleasure receptors that have been sensitized to nicotine are replaced with ones that aren't sensitized and have thus, never known it.  This happens over the course of about a year. Same princlple as skin cells sloughing off, Our bodies cells are constantly being replaced.

Once this has changed (after a year of abstinence from nicotine), the only influence on me that is different from someone who never smoked is my memories of smoking.

This is why unlearning smoking is essential. That is done by simply making new memories without smoking until we don't think of smoking any longer.

Hoggie barely survived a coyote attack a few years ago.

I'm not smoking over it.

On another note,

Nancy was moved to the Kernan Rehab Center last night. Some surgical tape was bugging her so we ended the conversation.

Not much to update. She didn't  have a way to reach her cell phone last night but called this morning.

She doesn't know much about a schedule yet so i'd say wait on sending cards or chocolate.

We had a couple laughs.

She said she'd call tonight so I may have something more to report tomorrow.

is when we walk this journey in confidence.

Draw on the good days to push you through the bad ones. People tend to focus on the bad ones but the good days far outnumber the bad ones.

You can be free. Don't give up too early.

I had a good conversation with her last night although it was cut short because we discovered morphine does not stop the pain of a belly laugh.

Her daughter arrived from California after just returning last Friday after the holidays.

She sounded well and accepting of her condition although I'm sure she's sick and tired of the soon to be three years of recovery from various health problems.

She has a bulletin board on (It was started after another health problem. I can't even remember which one)

If you'd like to leave her a note you can join for free with just an email and a user name and search for NancyA.

She appreciates all your prayers and support.

She said she'd call me today so i will update you when I hear more.

So, figuring out the ways to get it that don't rule our life is the answer.

Exercise is one, laughing is another, music is another, hobbies are another, volunteering is another.

You need to find something you love to do, something that validates your daily life and gives you joy.

You need some time for yourself, even a half hour or an hour a day that belongs to you.

Positive self talk is highly effective when you get the urge to smoke.

"I don't do that anymore" works well to stop a crave and begin retraining your automatic smoking thoughts.

She was in recovery.

The surgery is done. I asked if they pinned it or if they had to replace the joint.

They used screws and plates.

You all know that if you still smoke bones do not heal well, right? (I know this first hand. I pay the price for smoking throughout a healing process every day)

I am thankful Nancy does not smoke.

(Her daughter sent me an email a couple hours later saying the surgery was done and Nancy was in a room.)

More when I know more.

Do the words "I really want to quit" ring hollow?

If you really want to quit, you will take action to make it happen.

You will start changing direction by making new choices and thinking about what you are about to do BEFORE you do it.

It means not fighting yourself, not being your worst enemy, but, your best friend.

Staying the same just isn't going to cut it!  You need a new attitude!

She is locked inside her house on the third floor. She fell and can't get up and believes she broke her hip.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I will update you when I know more.


Friday 3pm PST

She called back. A friend had climbed through a window and gotten to her and an ambulance was there to take her to the hospital for xrays or a scan. More news when I hear again.


Friday 10pm PST

Nancy just's 10am Pacific time. Her hip is broken and its not a simpl break. They are transferring her to University Hospital. Pray that this doesn't send her over the edge. She's pretty dam sick of all the time it takes to heal and the fact that it's been one thing after the other for  almost 3 years.


Saturday 4am PST

She just called. She has been moved to the University Hospital and is waiting to see the orthopedist. She's asked a few questions about recovery and they said they will have her on her feet the next day. We all know they do that so you don't get a clot. I asked her to get as much info about the reality of living alone during recovery. More when I hear more.

Tools to break a crave immediately
>>Bite into a lemon, skin and all
>>>Stick your head in the freezer, breathe the cold air and imagine how foolish you must look.
>>>>Stand on your head and sing dixie into a glass jar
>>>>>Run around your car playing a guitar
(The first two REALLY WORK)


Positive Self Talk
The most powerful phrase I've found to break a crave is
"I don't do that anymore"


It's a simple reminder but very powerful when you hear yourself say it. In a week you will be saying that when smoking crosses your mind.


Laughing out loud really helps. I found this to be true when I considered how absurd it was that I was craving something and I could simply unchoose it. Laughing out loud releases dopamine and your body chemistry can't help but change positively when your hear yourself laugh, even if you don't feel it. (Google Dr. Gupta about laughing)


Quitting smoking isn't about luck. It's about being smarter than the old you. It's about doing an end run around your old self to become your new self.


My best to all you new quitters



On letting it happen

A friend asked me the end of November 2006 if I would quit smoking to influence his older brother to quit. I  agreed to consider it. I spent the 4 1/2 weeks before I quit learning I didn't need to smoke just because I wanted to smoke. There was no conscious plan. I didn't want to quit but I wasn't against it either.

I had no guidance. I let it happen. Again, didn't fight it and I didn't encourage it. I began by telling myself to wait a little longer when I wanted a smoke. At 4 weeks I was down from a pack a day to 5 a day.
During that time, I never stressed about quitting or not being able to smoke and I never denied myself a smoke.

  I didn't set a quit date until the Friday afternoon I slapped $5 on the counter at the convenience store and  decided I was buying my last pack.
  The following Monday was New Years Day. I in no way wanted my quit to be tied to a resolution. I had never made resolutions and I had never seen anyone who made one keep it for long.
  I wasn't worried about not having enough smokes to make it to my quit day.
  My only plan was to save one cigarette for the morning after New Years so I would not have to fight off the morning urge for nicotine after a night's sleep. I had my last cigarette as planned. I didn't attach any special significance to it than any other I'd smoked. That was 7:15
  I went to the pharmacy about 10am to buy a box of patches. (I felt a little anxious on the drive, especially as I drove by the store where I bought my smokes. I could have easily turned into the parking lot but I didn't. I drove 3 more blocks to the pharmacy and bought a box of patches.)
  I stayed very busy my first two weeks. I was at the friends (the same one who had suggested I quit to influence his older brother to quit) playing guitar 10 hours a day.

When I forgot to wear a patch two days in a row, I had a talk with myself and stopped using the patch.
The second day without the patch, I joined a quit smoking website.

  Many people come bent out of shape, anxious, and on edge. It doesn't have to be that way. I had built up no negative feelings before quitting of what I would be missing or how hard it was going to be. I just let it happen.

I had no work going because of the holidays, so, I had plenty of free time to devote to learning about my quit from the elders on that site and helping others with theirs.

I decided right then that helping others quit was as valuable a quest as any and I've been on this site since August 2008 trying to help others find themselves.

Let me help you connect the dots and be free. :-)

We talk about it and teach you how to make it happen on here everyday!

There is no reason to hang on to smoking.

It's a big lie we told ourselves

It's 2-3 weeks of your body readjusting and then realizing you don't need to smoke until it just fades away.

If you can go a day, you can go two days.

Two days turns into two weeks

Two weeks into two months.

Two months turns into two years.

Get it started and hold on for 130 days and you're through the most vulnerable time.

Be willing, don't put yourself in risky situations.

Don't let your emotions rule your quit

Happy New Year!  That's all you git!

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