The smoking lifestyle

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 17, 2014

the addiction to nicotine is what keeps you controlled. the memories of years of physical repetition just reenforce it.

ever choose to decline invitations or going places because you feared you couldn't smoke?

ever been talking with someone and have your mind suddenly blank out their words because you felt like you just had to have a smoke?

ever go to an event and leave for 10 minutes to have a smoke only to find out that you missed your son's home run? or your daughters part in the play?

ever leave your family sitting in a restaurant while you went outside to have a smoke?

ever smoke outside and then go back inside, concerned that all the people around you knew where you were and were judging you by your smell?

ever have to look for a place to hide and have a smoke?

Ever stand out in the rain or snow so you could smoke?

I did all these things.

We have allowed nicotine to make our choices since we became smokers. that is being controlled.

You have a choice, you can learn how to get through the initial discomfort and stop making excuses or you can remain enslaved.

Quitting smoking is much more than changing the delivery device but keeping the same lifestyle and remaining controlled by nicotine. Freedom is

You may have not realized what you were getting into when you originally started smoking. I doubt any of us did.


If you are still doing the same things I wrote of above, still wondering how to find a way out of this AND ARE JUST NOW considering quitting smoking~~~~~ YOU ARE AT AN IMPORTANT CROSSROAD IN YOUR LIFE ~~~~whether you understand it fully, or not.

You have the knowledge right in front of you. Choosing to remain enslaved when you know what you have given away all these years is not controlling your destiny it is remaining a slave.

You chose to smoke. UNCHOOSE IT!