Could The Ideal Quit Be About Understanding?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Oct 5, 2014

Would you do it?

With the Understanding that  You can accept quitting smoking for yourself OR fight yourself?

With the Understanding that life will keep knocking us down whether we smoke or not and that smoking cannot change this?

With the Understanding that you can decide to quit smoking and then relax and let it happen, accepting that there will be some initial discomfort but it will pass?

With the Understanding that the psychological addiction (the habit/reaching/inhaling) is stuck in your mind and you aren't used to functioning without that repetition so it must be unlearned?

With the Understanding that there is no need to fight because you are simply choosing to change your behavior?

With the Understanding that you don't need to make it into something it isn't. and that most who create and magnify negativity from simple discomfort, will fail and talk themselves into smoking?

People don't die because they quit smoking. They die because they don't stop.