Relaxing Distractions

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Sep 29, 2014

there are a number of quick distractions that I recommend

biting into a lemon skin and all

sticking your head in the freezer and breathing the cold air for 15-20 seconds

filling your mouth with ice cubes and trying to not get brain freeze.

Each of those will flip the craving switch off as your brain has to refocus due to the physical  stimuli.

But, what about the long craves when you are just sort of "real edgy" for an extended time?

I put up a link to a live barnyard the other day (can make fullscreen and has sound)

Here's a link to a beach webcam I enjoy. If there are any clouds at all the sunsets are changing and incredible and you can make them fullscreen. Right now the best time is about 9:30-10pm Eastern.

Here's one to the live webcams at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

Guilia has a lot of good links on her page.

Shall we make a "Group" called long term distractions where everyone can post their favorites?