130 Days. Is It Magical?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Sep 23, 2014

Some people have their "I'm feeling free" moment before 130 days, others, at 6 months. People who fight quitting may never have it.

What I have observed is the most difficult time of a quit for most happens within this 4+ months and many will lose their quits. (Ask yourself how many of your quits have crashed and burned in this time period?)

Obviously, you cannot make a year and the 6% club, if you don't make 130 days. Since this is the known difficult time, why not promise yourself another 100 days after you make that first month?

If you don't fight yourself, and by that I mean being willing to quit, and, you go 130 days from your last puff, I promise that you will feel different about smoking. This is the approximate length of time you need to unlearn smoking (the hand to mouth and inhale motions) and initially detach yourself from the psychological addiction to smoking.

If you are quitting against your will (and some must due to a recently discovered health problem,) try to put quitting into a perspective of acceptance and understand that not smoking is going to be better for you than continuing to smoke.

You do not have to want to quit but you must decide to quit and then, honor the decision.

You are important to others. Take The 130 Day Challenge and Stay The Course.

The only way out is through.