Accept Change. EXPECT CHANGE!

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Sep 18, 2014

If you haven't quit yet? Start smoking with your other hand.
It will get your brain off autopilot. The best way to succeed is to make small changes in your routine BEFORE YOU QUIT so your brain understands where your mind intends to go. Quitting doesn't have to be about suffering or missing out if you understand this.

Smoking is staying in one place (controlled by it) Quitting is changing direction.

Remember, 90% of the difficulty in quitting is the psychological addiction. (The hand to mouth and all the emotions or memories connected to smoking. You must relearn living without smoking for approximately 130 days before you are out of danger. During those first 4 months is when people drop the ball.
Be willing. Accept change. EXPECT change! Your life will shine with a different light when you've overcome the slavery of smoking.