For the Newest Quitters~~~~~When a crave comes

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 21, 2014

The best phrase I can give you is "I Don't Do That Anymore" (post your favorite if you have one)

It indicates you have willingly chosen to not smoke, reminds you of your decision and it's short and sweet!

Say it over and over until the crave passes.

It doesn't take any extraneous equipment or require any strong sensory distractions but, you must hear yourself say it. A silent thought may not overcome strong silent thoughts of smoking but hearing your voice ratchets up the power.

If you have to go out, take a tiny little bottle of super hot sauce with you. NOW THAT"S A DISTRACTION!

If you are home, you may have access to some strong sensory cue inducers. (SSCI) read the followibg link.                  

Carry On!