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Many of us have trouble sleeping. The news says most of us do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep causes weight gain because your appetite system doesn't reset itself unless you get enough sleep.*

Often, especially during the first month of a quit, sleep is hard to come by.

I've dealt with little sleep for many years and recently found a solution.

About a week ago I bought an mp3 player and plugged it into a little computer speaker set I already had that I paid $20 for new.

I loaded the internal 4gb with about 10, 10 hour mp3's of the ocean, rain, running water, etc.

Hoggie's MO has been to sleep all day and then go out and come in through my window meowing and waking me up about 6 times a night.

Since I've started using this sleep aid, Hoggie is now sleeping great which lets me sleep great. I've gone from 5-6 hours a night to 7-9 hours a night.

I suggest taking $50 of that money saved from cigarettes and giving it a try!

Practical solutions for difficult problems. LOL


PS You may already have an mp3 player and speakers. you can use your smartphone or your computer with speakers. I didn't want to run my computer all night is why I chose this combination.

Another trick for getting to sleep when your mind is cluttered is to get up and write down all the clutter so thinking about it doesn't keep you awake all night. Once you've got it in a document you can deal with it in the morning.

Congratulations Ken!

Hopefully you're back online on day 101!

It will make you think about quitting and get you off autopilot.



"You can't do anything if you never get started"


Who is NOT going to talk themself into smoking over Labor Day Weekend?


Who is not going to drink alcohol Labor Day Weekend until they lose their inhibitions and their quit?



"Keep Them Away From Your Face"

You can make lists of why you want to quit out the wazoo.

They don't mean a thing until you DECIDE to quit.

Once you decide to quit smoking, you make it a non-consideration.

Until you do that, you will just flounder around in the quit smoke quit smoke quit smoke cycle.

With nearly an 8 year quit, I hate to think that I have to worry about smoking ever being a consideration again.

Many group all addictions as one and often compare alcohol addiction to cigarette smoking.

While I agree that if you start smoking again, you will continue for however long, I can't compare the two.

Smoking was something we did many times a day. We could smoke and continue to function in our daily lives.

Can you imagine an alcoholic drinking 20 drinks or more every day? They would most likely not have a functional life if that were the case.

Alcoholics drink to escape reality, Smokers smoke to get a buzz but it's not as totally overwhelming as drinking is.

I believe our brains are the supercomputers that remember everything we have done, every cigarette, every feeling, every emotion. Now we may not be able to draw them out on command but I believe they are up there rolling around.

When you are totally zonked as in drinking or general anesthesia, I don't believe the memories register. The pain of what made you drink is still there if it is not addressed but the memories of that 10th drink in an hour are not.

I do not put alcohol addiction and nicotine addiction in the same category because of this. I believe alcoholism is more of a disease than smoking. In other words, I feel we have a choice to smoke whereas an alcoholic doesn't because they are typically drive by despair. To the recovering alcoholic that says smoking is harder to give up than alcohol, perhaps it's because it is so deeply ingrained by it's repetition and the memory connections it makes.*

We know that nicotine sensitizes pleasure receptors in our brains and after time, these make it difficult to obtain pleasure without nicotine involved.

We know nicotine is nearly out of our bodies in approximately 72 hours after we stop using it.

We know these pleasure receptors that are sensitized to nicotine die off in about a years time from when we stop using it.

So, what brings people back to smoking after a number of years of being free of smoking? I believe it's the memories and feelings tied to smoking each of those cigarettes?

There's a saying on my page.

There are only two ways people come back to smoking. They talk themselves into smoking or they drink until they lose their inhibitions and then they talk themselves into smoking.

Now I know if I started smoking again, I would continue because I have no temptation to have just one puff. It would be a definite choice to smoke long term again. I don't choose to live in fear of that knowledge like an alcoholic who must fear that first drink after abstinence.

How are you going to live your life? In fear of relapse or in the Joy of Freedom?

It's your choice you know.


* This was added after the blog was posted for further clarification.

One of my favorite breakfasts is bacon, eggs and rice. When I was a kid my brothers and I made breakfast for our parents every Sunday morning before church. It was either this or French toast.

I slow cook a pound of bacon in a frying pan until it's medium (not crispy and not raw) 45 minutes on low in a 12 inch pan with a lid. I check it every 10 minutes and let the steam out.

Take the bacon out and remove/save all the excess grease except whats coating the pan. (I put a tablespoon on a batch of fresh cooked green beans and use it to season other dishes as well.)

I use 60 second rice. I throw in the ratios on the box to make about 8 cups into the bacon pan, bring it to a boil and then let it sit with a lid and no heat.

Then, I crack in 8-12 eggs, add about half the bacon cut into 1 inch pieces and salt and pepper and let it cook over low heat until they set the rice.

I put my portion in a bowl this morning...change it up! Use a plate? LOL

8-12 eggs

1/2 lb bacon cooked to medium

8 cups cooked rice (you can use whatever you want)

Salt and Pepper


Enjoy but be careful: it's very addictive!

i had surgery yesterday morning and was put in a bed in pain, not wanting to move. i was in one position for 13 hours tied to the leg compression devices, iv's and a catheter, drifting in and out of sleep.

the 14th hour i woke up and i felt literally trapped. my back was sweating, it was itching from lack of blood from being so long in the same positon.

i wanted out of that bed. i wanted to find a stairwell where i could get some outside air. (think of this as the crave...the desire to smoke at any cost)

I knew if i called the nurses, they would not be able to react in time to help me. could i even explain  the level of panic i had reached with my fearful mind?

that scared me even more. i was trapped. nothing could get me out of the mind funk i was in.

think of this as the worst crave you could ever experience people. full blown panic.

so I tried to think of something to break the focus on the negative and you know what i did?

i put on my glasses...I had not had them on all day because they were behind me and not within my reach and, everything had been out of focus. Putting them on cleared my mind and calmed me down immediately. i was then able to call the nurses to explain that i had not moved for 14 hours and i was itching to the point of going crazy. one nurse got me on my side propped with pillows but the itching persisted. another nurse came in, saw my back and asked me if i had been scratching? my back was bloody from my fingernails. the second nurse washed my back and put on some powder. in 20 minutes the itching had subsided. when i got home today, i felt the scratches burning on my buttocks and back which reminded me of the bad place i had been and prompted this comparison to a crave.

So....all this talk of distracting your focus....

biting into a lemon, letting an ice cube melt in your mouth, laughing out loud, sticking your head in the freezer for 15 seconds and breathing the cold air, etc... this is how you do it,

changing your perspective for just that moment is all it takes...then, you're still on the way forward instead of going backwards.

ps never once thought of a cigarette!

Don't make the past the present.

When you give up your quit, you give up your life.

When you know freedom for awhile, when you look back on all you gave up to smoke, you will realize this.


The best phrase I can give you is "I Don't Do That Anymore" (post your favorite if you have one)

It indicates you have willingly chosen to not smoke, reminds you of your decision and it's short and sweet!

Say it over and over until the crave passes.

It doesn't take any extraneous equipment or require any strong sensory distractions but, you must hear yourself say it. A silent thought may not overcome strong silent thoughts of smoking but hearing your voice ratchets up the power.

If you have to go out, take a tiny little bottle of super hot sauce with you. NOW THAT"S A DISTRACTION!

If you are home, you may have access to some strong sensory cue inducers. (SSCI) read the followibg link.                  

Carry On!

What HAS BEEN the most helpful thing in your quit?

Many who come here and disappear quickly obviously thought something magical was going to happen on quit day.

You have to stir up some differences for your brain to make changes that will work to remind you of your goal.

If you've decided to quit?  Start smoking with your other hand until quit day.

Everytime you smoke you will remember you are going to quit and it isn't bad because you aren't missing out on anything. It will simply be a reminder.

Pretty simple huh?     Try it, you'll see how IT WORKS!

It's frustrating when people choose to smoke.

let us encourage each other by keeping our quits :-)

People who delete blogs and comments to hide the truth don't get my respect.


the military?

How about trying to promote a weight loss product for a company they work for on a quit smoking site?

ABRUPT/SUDDEN/STRONG PHYSICAL changes work most effectively at distracting your mind in order to allow you a moment to regroup.

i don't know your situation or what you have access to but here's a few recommended distractions

Stick your head in the freezer and breathe in the cold air for 20 seconds> (there's much more that happens when you do this than you might think. Like picturing yourself with your head in the freezer and realizing why your head is in the freezer. or having someone else see you. LOL)


Bite into a lemon skin and all. This will blow the **** out of a crave.


Pack your mouth with ice cubes and try not to get brain freeze and let them melt.


Break the biggest craves into smaller ones.


These tricks will work forever because they aren't tricks. They force your mind to deal with something else. Soooo if you start craving again, DO IT AGAIN! In a short time you will be thinking about the freezer, the lemon or the ice cubes instead of smoking.




it only takes one moment to defocus from thoughts of smoking


Just like forever quits

Not smoking forover it!

Here are the steps to freedom and what you can expect on your journey to freedom!.

Step 1   DECIDE TO QUIT (the big first step)

Step 2   Get through the first week. (the most difficult time)

Step 3   Get through the first month. (the most uncomfortable time inclused the 1st week -Your body/brain is still adjusting in a major way)

Step 4   Getting through No Mans Land (130 days + or -) The minimal unlearning smoking time.

             This is the time many will go back due to overconfidence and/or unexpectedly strong cravings.

             this is where the term "The only way out is through" needs to be your reigning thought.

Step 5   First Year Smoke Free. You are now in the 6% club. 1st set of emotional & physical seasons down

Step 6   Second Year Smoke Free 2ndset of emotional and physical seasons completed.

              (the relapse rate drops to 4% after 2 years)

Step 7   Lifetime Smoke Free.No  Longer Controlled By Thoughts Of Smoking

(watch the drinking. It can kill your quit at any step)

The SupergirlPro annual womens surfing contest starts today. The top women surfers in the world will be competing.

The surf last year left much to be desired.

The surf yesterday was magnificent. I hope it holds up for the weekend.

The contest finals will be streamed live on the internet Sunday.

Have a great weekend everybody and don't drink yourself out of your quit!

It appears emotions are the cause of most "slips" The urge for nicotine to quell emotions seems to drive every lost quit.

Why does one have to control the other?   Why couldn't emotions be a reminder to not smoke instead of an excuse to smoke?

When you let emotions control your quit, smoking controls you AGAIN.

Deciding not to let "life" control your decision to smoke must be the foundation of your decison to quit.

a man at the train station in Perth got his leg caught between the train and the platform and could not free himself.

the other commuters all banded together and pushed against the side of the train until his leg could be freed.

then, they all got back on the train and proceeded to their destinations.

I prepared for 4 weeks with ZERO stress by simply telling myself to wait awhile when i wanted to smoke.
I never counted.
I never denied myself,
In 4 weeks i went from a pack down to 5 a day and i had proven to myself i didn't need to smoke every time i wanted to smoke. The way I knew I was succeeding was the fewer trips to the store to buy them and I had money in my wallet.
I bought my last pack on a Friday and quit the next Tuesday. Monday was New Years. I had not set a quit date prior to buying my last pack..


People can freak themselves out counting each cigarette and cutting down so much each day.


There will probably be days that come along where you want more than your allowance. Then things turn negative. That's called denial.that builds fear and negativity towards quitting.


You can ease yourself into it by simply breaking your smoking patterns, not suffering at all. and learning you have some control before you actually quit.

We may say we don't like things or we can't do things.


My younger brother has said for the last few years that he just can't drink coffee anymore. Guess who's drinking coffee?

My twin brother has never drank coffee. Guess who's drinking coffee now, looking forward to it, and probably has more varietes than I do?

It's the same with smoking. If you say you can't quit you won't.

YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND. Stop saying you can't quit and start saying you can!

No coffee was maligned in the creation of this blog

There will always be stores where you can buy cigarettes.

There will always be people who smoke.

There will always be alcohol to loosen you up.

So, why worry about quitting? You aren't giving up anything! You will miss doing it because you've done it for so long and it's such a huge controlling part of your life but why worry about it!

You can go back anytime you choose to. (once you taste a glimmer of freedom, I doubt you will ever see smoking as something positive again.)


After smoking for 40 years, it's been my personal choice not to.

It can be your choice too!

did they get him stabilized?


Every moment of every personal event lost to go have a smoke


whether in triumph or defeat, joy or sadness, is gone forever.


We did not experience what was going on in the same context as everybody else because you are thinking about where you can go smoke. That thinking of smoking both before and during those times add up to huge chunks of life we missed.


What kind of participation in life is smoking if smoking is so important as to make us ignore everything going on around us so we can get our fix?

Who went to a plastic surgeon and had his lips botoxed so he couldn't feel a cigarette between them thinking that would keep him from smoking? True story. Didn't work.

People will go to great lengths to "try" and quit smoking. They will believe in everything but themselves being able to do it.

There is only one way to quit. (and I'm not talking about your choice of what to use, I'm talking about using what's between your ears to your advantage and not against it.)

Honoring your decision to not smoke, your willingness as you take this journey, and, giving it the time it takes to get to thgat place you forget about smoking or being a smoker but rarely.

"Keep Them Away From Your Face"

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