Fixing things that aren't now possible

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 26, 2014

Quitting Smoking Is A Great Start...There is no lack of heartbreak in self discovery but there are amazing finds in the process as well. .

As we tend to live in the recent, the hardest realization is probably going to be, "I'm not very happy that I've wasted all this time being unhappy. Why didn't I see it?"

BECAUSE  Smoking is the greatest liar of all.

It was our pacifier for reality and It kept all of us trapped.

When you realize that, you are on the high road, perhaps, for the first time since childhood..

The good part of all this is YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR SITUATIONS. with the same resolve you used to quit smoking.


Enjoy Living, Keep the FAITH and GIVE IT THE TIME IT TAKES to unlearn it.