I've gotten into watching Gunsmear

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they often have such great undertones to their stories.

anyway, Bruce Dern is a bad guy who was bounty hunting  a man to get a $10,000 reward from a controlling dude who was his judge and jury but not the real "law."

Marshall Dillion had sent Bruce Dern to prison for 10 years previously and Dern already wants to kill Marshall Dillon for that.

(Are you getting all this?)

So Dern has Miss Kitty and Doc held Hostage in the Long Branch with a number of other people waiting for the marshall to come back from cimarron.  the town drunk is getting very antsy for a drink. He's getting the shakes and he breaks down and runs for the bottle on the bar.

Now this alone made you see the control alcohol had over him but Bruce Dern being the bad guy he is, tells him if he wants a drink, he must crawl to the other side of the room and touch the wall with his tongue and crawl back.

He begs for the drink without the payment but Bruce Dern is firm. the tension builds and Miss Kitty is saying "Let him be, Let him be" but Dern insists he crawl so Doc rises and objects and one of Derns men puts a gun to his neck and Bruce Dern says, "Doc you better hope he crawls"

With Doc being threatened, the drunk crawls. The strings are playing in low tones the whole time. When he gets back to the bar and rises, Dern starts pouring a drink, and the drunk is looking for it to go higher in the glass to get his degradation's worth.

He raises it to his lips, pauses and puts it down on the bar. He walks 4 feet to one of the empty chairs and sits down. (Can I hear an AMEN for self respect?)

This is the self degradation of addiction. the sickest part.  Our putting ourselves and self worth beneath and controlled by a substance.

There is value in honoring your quit. There is value in taking your life back.


Be careful over the weekend and watch the drinking. Many quits are blown by an extra one or two drinks.

Keep The Quit