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Many will put off quitting smoking thinking someday, they will "want to" quit enough to actually make one stick. (It's actually a misinformed excuse to keep smoking.)

I'm here to tell you, You do not have to "want to quit" to quit smoking.

The simple truth is you have to decide to quit and be willing to quit.

If you do that, everything else will fall into place.

brought to you by the "Keep It Simple Stupid" foundation for tobacco cessation

Hobbies are great ways to get your focus off of smoking

here's a few I shot today.......i hope you are distracted by them.

you can't be fighting yourself constantly.

Throw everything out and start again............Well, except for the ice cream and cheesecake (friends and family)

It's similar to quitting smoking in a big way we must let go of something that was everything. (when it fact it was just a freezer full of bad food we would never eat)

We have to label the new with expiration dates so we don't let them go bad and and we must know where we're going so we don't slip back into our old ways

So.........Clean Your Freezer all the while and Keeping Them Away From Your Face.

whole chicken is only 89 cents a pound.

Write your congressman. they need something to work on in Washington. smoking

He comes in from his place outside about every two hours all night long and meows and meows and meows and meows. He does not stop and I probably only get 5-6 hours of sleep a night.

A few days ago I downloaded a bunch of videos of rain sounds and ocean sounds that last 8 hours and more from youtube.

Yesterday, I converted them from videos to mp3's. I put on one of ocean sounds last night.

Hoggie Did Not Meow Once! He slept at my feet quietly all night.

Quitting Smoking Is A Great Start...There is no lack of heartbreak in self discovery but there are amazing finds in the process as well. .

As we tend to live in the recent, the hardest realization is probably going to be, "I'm not very happy that I've wasted all this time being unhappy. Why didn't I see it?"

BECAUSE  Smoking is the greatest liar of all.

It was our pacifier for reality and It kept all of us trapped.

When you realize that, you are on the high road, perhaps, for the first time since childhood..

The good part of all this is YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR SITUATIONS. with the same resolve you used to quit smoking.


Enjoy Living, Keep the FAITH and GIVE IT THE TIME IT TAKES to unlearn it.

Coney Island Chili Dogs for a Buck at  ***** (Rhymes with Chronic)

I know you can do it.

It's my honor to help you.

He was a long time smoker. Finally quit smoking 17 years after a quadruple bipass in 1989. (2006?)

Fought the big studios for many many years over their crooked bookkeeping practices and finally won a good settlement.

Loved Rockford Files and much of his other work.

RIP Jimmy!

You have to walk the talk until you get through no mans land.

If you are fighting to stay quit you need an attitude change or your quit is in jeopardy.

Acceptance and Willingness do not equal Doubt and Uncertainty

she was very active and now I can't recall seeing her here for 2-3 weeks

Ever caught the couch on fire?

Had to call the fire department in the middle of the night because of it?

Yep on both counts.

why give it the rest of your life?

How will you ever know you're out of no mans land if you never let yourself finish it?

Come here and post HELP before you smoke. We can't put the horse back in the barn but we can usually stop you from ruining your quit if you come here BEFORE you smoke.

they often have such great undertones to their stories.

anyway, Bruce Dern is a bad guy who was bounty hunting  a man to get a $10,000 reward from a controlling dude who was his judge and jury but not the real "law."

Marshall Dillion had sent Bruce Dern to prison for 10 years previously and Dern already wants to kill Marshall Dillon for that.

(Are you getting all this?)

So Dern has Miss Kitty and Doc held Hostage in the Long Branch with a number of other people waiting for the marshall to come back from cimarron.  the town drunk is getting very antsy for a drink. He's getting the shakes and he breaks down and runs for the bottle on the bar.

Now this alone made you see the control alcohol had over him but Bruce Dern being the bad guy he is, tells him if he wants a drink, he must crawl to the other side of the room and touch the wall with his tongue and crawl back.

He begs for the drink without the payment but Bruce Dern is firm. the tension builds and Miss Kitty is saying "Let him be, Let him be" but Dern insists he crawl so Doc rises and objects and one of Derns men puts a gun to his neck and Bruce Dern says, "Doc you better hope he crawls"

With Doc being threatened, the drunk crawls. The strings are playing in low tones the whole time. When he gets back to the bar and rises, Dern starts pouring a drink, and the drunk is looking for it to go higher in the glass to get his degradation's worth.

He raises it to his lips, pauses and puts it down on the bar. He walks 4 feet to one of the empty chairs and sits down. (Can I hear an AMEN for self respect?)

This is the self degradation of addiction. the sickest part.  Our putting ourselves and self worth beneath and controlled by a substance.

There is value in honoring your quit. There is value in taking your life back.


Be careful over the weekend and watch the drinking. Many quits are blown by an extra one or two drinks.

Keep The Quit

and just when will that be, if ever?

Nicotine keeps you coming back for that next smoke and nicotine will not let you go until you stop using it.

The good news is, it's not as difficult as you've heard if you know what to expect and are willing to accept advice.

For the close minded addict, there is never a good day to quit.

For the open minded explorer, ANY DAY IS A GOOD DAY TO QUIT.

Remember, you don't have to want to quit.

You do have to decide to quit and you do have to then be willing to quit to be successful.

You'll put this out there Dale?

        I just heard from Joan39's family. She is in ICU. She came down with Pneumonia and is on a respirator. They are afraid her COPD has advanced and she will be on oxygen from now on. Please let the group know.
        Larry (oldbones5358)


(The Caravan Master)

I hope this helps all people who use the fear of being a nicotine addict as their excuse to keep smoking.

When I was almost out of No Mans Land, perhaps 100 days, I started asking myself, "How am I going to keep this up if nicotine is going to be calling me forever?"

Here's what I found out.

The nicotine receptors die off and are replaced with new ones during your first year quit.

It shoots a hole right through the "addict forever" fear/theory/excuse. My biggest fear of keeping my quit was now gone.

If you don't have the receptors sensitized to nicotine, the only thing that drives you to smoke is memories. You are like a virgin to smoking except for those memories. That means you can get over it FOREVER If you choose to. There is nothing real stopping you.

At about 12 weeks in my quit, I read a medical study that said if you got through the first 16 weeks of your quit without smoking, you were pretty much over the hump.

This is what I originally based the time frame of No Mans Land upon.

If you aren't willing to give it 130 days, you aren't willing to let yourself quit.

Stop putting up the mental roadblocks. They don't have to exist.

Of course if you start smoking again, you are going to create new nicotine receptors and you will become readdicted in a couple days, but, you don't have to fear nicotine forever, you just don't choose to use it.

You've brainwashed yourself into believing you can't quit.

That "something" you claim is keeping you from quitting and forcing you to smoke is you.

There is only one thing everyone who quit smoking succesfully has in common. They decided to not smoke.

Take the emotion out of it. That rusty cog in the wheel keeping you from quitting is you.

Will you see it before there is irreversible damage?

Don't let your disappointment that others choose to smoke discourage you.

The following is taken from my page

"I've put in enough time here to know I can't save everybody. People talk themselves into smoking. It's not my fault. People put themselves in risky situations and choose to smoke. It's not my fault. Every time people choose to smoke, they break a promise to themselves and put another hole in their armor. it's not my fault."

this doesn't mean I or you don't care, it means they dIdn't.

I avoided being around the smell of smoking for a long time after I quit. A few months or so into your quit or before, being around smokers is offensive and stale smokers stink.

the point of this story is...if you must be around smoking or smokers and you want a reminder you've quit, smear a little vicks under your nose. the smell, and that little burn are excellent in letting you know somethings different and often all it takes if you've willingly quit, is a gentle reminder.

spread the word, vicks is a physical distractions


Stuff your mouth with ice cubes

Stick your head in the freezer and breathe deeply

Bite into a lemon skin and all.

Pour a glass of water over your head




no jonesing if you can't find an episode. they usually stanD alone

Recognize the guy doing the intro? He died from smoking.

20 seasons....that ought to keep you busy.FOR AWHILE!


watch your alcohol intake this weekend. it's a quit killer, SERIOUSLY!


Chester not Festus

here's seasons one through five in order if you're interested. ENJOY

I downloaded and catalogued all 20 seasons over the weekend off of youtube JUST FOR THE HALIBUT. 63GB




kinda makes me/you? wish I/you hadn't given in so young and given away so much of living just to smoke,

Until we step back from it, we can't see what we've done by smoking, the choices we've made, the opportunities or friendships missed or the damage done. how many times a day it called to all we're thinking about as we unlearn it.

freedom is up ahead. but new choices will have to be made.

your future  soon uncontrolled by nicotine or the need to fidget .

Not living your life around something so controlling and real living.

stick with it. you'll see it.


I can't access the site for some reason. Please let everyone know that I am doing well. I am on an inhaler and nebulizer now. Sending love to all. Larry the Caravan Master



if anyone's having trouble accessing the site, try using firefox or chrome

Once upon a quit.....

This is the time period  I always lose my quit. It looks as formidable as ever!

The first week wasn't terrible. I  had  some moments but,  during my first month, I learned to brush off the urges.

I feel a bad day coming on and I don't know why.

That was rough but I made it through.

Oh No! Another one?

GEEZ. Day 53 I don't know if I can take another day of fighting this.

I see it coming and I'm Walking Around

I got through, Three bad days but I walked around the second and third one.

I GOT THIS!. Nothing can make me smoke!

Dammit! Where'd this come from??? Another walkaround.

That Was Not As Bad as I Expected

Day 126. I think I'm having a breakthrough!  I know I'm done with smoking! I feel it to my core!

Skies Look Clear! I'm looking forward to making my first year smokefree!

and then two years

If you have questions about how to navigate the site.

If you need to ask someone a question privately there's a send mesage button under the title of their blog or under the picture on their page.

or you can write on their message board.

We're here to help you.

Don't be a stranger

I contend a 12 hour old donut is not worth much

Quits can go stale.. I think this is one more part of No Mans Land we need to acknowledge. We can become apathetic. Is Your Quit Feeling Stale like the 12 hour donuts on the pan below?

It's your job to keep YOUR QUIT fresh!

Say "Hello Quit" each morning and Welcome your quit with your day! can look like this!


*no deep fryers were hurt in the commisssion of this blog


sounds like a good song idea.. don't take it.its been published. lolol

BIG Congratulations on TWO YEARS yesterday!

The heart of a final forever quit is UNLEARNING SMOKING.

Don't blow your quit over the long weekend by overdoing it.


I was watching the pregame show for the World Cup before the last US game. The US coach was talking about what they did wrong in the previous games and what they were going to do differently with the Belgian team.

As we all know, it didn't work out the way he thought and we hoped.

Why? Because you can't predict what your opponent is going to do. Another player can slide in behind yours and take out his legs and your star player is sidelined for the game and perhaps the rest of the games.

When you quit smoking, there is no other team, no opponent, NO VARIABLES.

What's between your ears is what controls the outcome.

Nothing can make you smoke. There's no one to blame if you choose to smoke except yourself.

What causes people to fail is what they make up in their own heads.

This is why we say you can make it (your quit) whatever you want it to be.

In the quitting process it's what you focus on that will determine your outcome, nothing else.

Perhaps you need to ask yourself

Is there anything more important than quitting smoking I need to be doing?

Perhaps you need to ask yourself

Will my final years be miserable if I continue smoking?

Perhaps you need to ask yourself

How will my suffering effect everyone close to me?

Perhaps you need to ask yourself

If they were able to quit, why can't I do it?

Perhaps you need to ask yourself............

We have marriage vows, and civil oaths and swearing in at courts. These are obligations to truth we make to others or society to prove our loyalty or make us part of something.

  What about a promise to yourself?

Why do we find it easier to make promises to others but often unable to keep the ones we make to ourselves? Is it because there are no repercussions?


This promise about quitting smoking is the one you want to make and keep people.

If you make it and don't keep it you will just be spinning in the wind like an out of control kite again and again.

Make the promise     Use the tools.      Keep It!


You must learn how to distract, then dismiss those thoughts..You need to find something that clicks in your mind and shuts it down.

I laughed when I saw how it had controlled me all those years. It was my 2nd or 3rd day. I saw clearly right then that I could catch myself before I acted and I laughed. every time I got a crave I laughed. Do you know that by 7 packs worth of urges to smoke that first week  (140 cigarettes) I was now thinking of laughing when I wanted to smoke?

laughing releases dopamine too. and it was free! and I could "chuckle in church"

Find your own. Seek out something that shuts it down immediately and do that everytime you get a could be a granchilds face or picture, it could be a favorite verse of poetry you could carry with you. It could be a message to yourself. Something that strikes the chord at your core beyond the addict part of you. Something.  Whatever it is. You give it the power. it's your promise to yourself TO PUT UP THE  DETOUR SIGN


Don't worry, there's no number of times your "clicker" works because you set it up

We're not bs'ing you about things that will break a crave immediately.

Strong sensory cues will override your emotions temporarily and take precedence,  preventing failure.

biting into a lemon skin and all

sticking your head in the freezer and breathing the air for 15 seconds. Just imagine how rediculous you'll look doing this. Like a freezer mole. butt in the air, snorting the cold air. That's part of why it works.

Having someone run over you with their car

Filling your mouth with ice cubes and trying not to get brain freeze.

Again, Strong sensory cues take precedence over what your mind is doing.





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