Dopamine and controlling weight gain after quitting smoking.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jun 28, 2014

Smoking/Nicotine was a Dopamine provider.

Our brains are wired to require it. That's the reason we smoked.

It's the motivational compound. Everyone wants it and needs it to feel good.

Did you know that looking at pictures of food triggers nearly the same amount of dopamine as actually eating the food? Yes, it's the anticipation of eating the food that causes the release of dopamine more than actually eating the food.

So, when you get the urge to eat, look at some pictures before you act out and then choose something low in calories. Individual gelatin snacks satisfy the desire for something more than liquid and if you can stand sugar free items, good for you. The single popscicles are good too.

Even though nicotine raised our metabolism, we can keep weight gain in check by eating a bite or two of protein and a couple bites of fruit 6 times a day and exercising if we are able.

Steady blood sugar levels are very important when we quit smoking.

Carry On.