Could You Plan Your Quit Like You'd Plan A Vacation?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jun 22, 2014
         How many of you wait until the day you leave on vacation to book transportation, lodging and what you want to see or do?        
Planning your quit can be just as helpful for your success as planning for an enjoyable vacation.       
As some of you know, I am planning a week getaway for Youngatheart/Nancy and myself as something for her to look forward to if/after she recovers from all her recent health issues.      
All of us can use a change of scenery/vacation and even though I live close to the ocean, I thought going to see the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas would be a nice change for me..     
Of course there are some obstacles to work around. I am on a fixed income and have a pet to consider so I'm doing a lot of research to make the wisest choices.    
Beginning and maintaining your quit must be based on wise choices.   

That's really all quitting is about.  Making the decision to quit and then making wise choices.We're here to help you plan your trip, get you started  and we're as close as a truckers cb..We've been down the road. We have the map.


Why fumble around and complicate it?