Youngatheart Nancy-The Challenge And The Reward

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jun 18, 2014

Get Healthy By Oct 8 So We Can Go See The Grand Canyon Together (no we won't be kicking up our heels on the edge of the canyon)

And spend a week exploring Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and everything else near Flagstaff.

I think Hoggie's going too.

I really wanted to set a goal with a special reward to look forward to after all she's been through.

She hasn't done much travelling because she was a single mom raising her two girls without any financial help..

I've wanted to go spend some time in Flagstaff ever since I dropped down out of it into the desert below pulling a trailer of my first wife's belongings from Kansas to California when I got off the road .40+ years ago.

Flagstaff sits 7000 feet above sea level.