Update Youngatheart (Nancy)

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jun 17, 2014

She got released from the spartan rehab center yesterday.

She is thankful to be out of that place. For the most part it was a bad experience.

The problem is the staff can't be everywhere at once so if you are unable to make it to the bathroom on your own, you take your chances.

She was supposed to be released last Saturday but Thursday she had an emergency (read Urgency) and staff was busy somewhere else. She took a bad fall in the bathroom and they delayed her release until yesterday.

The other problem is scheduling. Energy levels vary during everyone's day and often when you have the energy, the therapist is working with other people.

Someone was supposed to come teach Nancy and her daughter how to do the basic things so she wasn't stuck on the floor too weak to get up. They waited a number of hours to be released and the person who was supposed to teach her this showed up as they were going out the door. Nancy didn't have enough energy to go through the 20 minute instructional.

Anyway, she's happy to be home. Realistic and willing to rest and gain strength.

More soon