Quitting Smoking Long Term Doesn't "Just Happen" For Most Of Us

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jun 15, 2014

We've all heard stories of people who just said "I'm not smoking anymore" and have very long term quits.

That is the Rarity. Some of these people still long for a cigarette occasionally.

Quitting  smoking successfully takes effort  for most of us

My quit seemed to just unfold naturally. It was not layed out in any written form.

I was "winging it" my first two weeks. I didn't have any construction projects going at time but I stayed busy doing something I loved. (playing guitar 10 hours a day)

There were people on the site I joined with 8, 10, 12 years free from smoking. Some were very wise. Those were the people whose brains I picked to enlighten my experience and ease my journey.

I spent my first year quit on that site.

Yes, I had my rough days, some depression, I felt the anguish of no mans land and wondered if i would reach a plateau where I could be happy not  being a smoker.

You have tthe same opportunity here I had there. Many wise people to walk with you and hold you up..

Nothing just happens for most of us. Get your head in the game. Be deliberate. Don't let your quit run over you. You can move forward and walk out of this.