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Use some common sense. Make it difficult to fail, not easy.

Having to get up, find your keys, walk to the car, unlock the door, get in, put the key in the ignition, back out of the driveway at 75, turn to look at the car you ran into, leave the scene of an accident, race to the mini mart running red lights and evading the police, open their door, push three people out of line, throw your $20 on the counter screaming, GIVE ME MY CIGARETTES, and get handcuffed as you leave the store with the helicopter circling overhead?...Each of those is a moment you could have caught yourself and said "I don't do that anymore"

Now, you're back in smokers jail.

So why would you keep them around? You are setting yourself up for the easy way OUT OF YOUR QUIT.

There is no such thing as an emergency pack because there is no emergency that requires smoking.

**If you live with a smoker, part of your decision and commitment must be not thinking their smoking materials ARE YOUR SMOKING MATERIALS.

You can unlearn smoking.

When it comes right down to it, both the effort and time involved match very similarly to quitting smoking..


So unless you're still in diapers and sucking your thumb, stop telling yourself you can't do it and get going on the road to being smoke free forever!




Perhaps "no mans land" has replaced "no thumb land" or "no diaper land" but, what's in a name?


no offense intended to those older people who must wear depends.

Smoking/Nicotine was a Dopamine provider.

Our brains are wired to require it. That's the reason we smoked.

It's the motivational compound. Everyone wants it and needs it to feel good.

Did you know that looking at pictures of food triggers nearly the same amount of dopamine as actually eating the food? Yes, it's the anticipation of eating the food that causes the release of dopamine more than actually eating the food.

So, when you get the urge to eat, look at some pictures before you act out and then choose something low in calories. Individual gelatin snacks satisfy the desire for something more than liquid and if you can stand sugar free items, good for you. The single popscicles are good too.

Even though nicotine raised our metabolism, we can keep weight gain in check by eating a bite or two of protein and a couple bites of fruit 6 times a day and exercising if we are able.

Steady blood sugar levels are very important when we quit smoking.

Carry On.

Perhaps this will provide some insight as to how you can get your mind to work for you in a crisis.

When I quit, I asked myself what could make me smoke again.

The one thing that I reasoned with myself and agreed upon was if someone came to my door and told me my wife and daughter had been killed in a car crash.

This is making an agreement with yourself allowing only one reason that might make you choose to smoke. This way when a situation comes up, you have to think about it before you smoke.

I made the same type of agreement when I got off the patch. I carried a patch with me and promised myself if I was seriously considering smoking, I would put on that patch and wait an hour rather than light up.

These were commitments to myself.

Perhaps it would behoove/help some of you to search your souls for the very worst fear of something happening and make similar commitments to yourself?

It might stop you from ruining your quit over something you have no control over.

We hear this all the time. "I've tried everything to quit. Woe is me what am I to do?"
If you've tried Chantix, the patch, hypnosis, accupuncture, nicotine gum and lozenges and nothing has worked? Look between your ears. Therein is where the problem lies.

You must realize these are aids. They don't quit smoking for you. They don't keep you from going to the store.

You are putting your beliefs in false promises that you would like to be real. (the easy button)
Think about quitting. Take control. You have the power. Take it back.

It's about understanding quitting is a process that takes time.
Each hurdle you jump should make you stronger for the next.

Don't dwell on the negative. Quitting smoking is the most positive thing you will ever you for yourself.

Quitting smoking is a life changing adventure.

See it through.

You Are Worth It!

I believe that is somewhat necessary because there are timelines and stages we must get through to succeed.

But, more importantly. i think we should consider worth. By that, I mean self worth because at the core of quitting is self worth, What other reason could possibly stand taller? We say we love smoking but we were slaves to it.

Enjoy the journey,

Consider it a non smoking vacation.

Evidently, the area of the first burn 2 months ago didn't heal as well as they hoped and that may be due to the timing of the meds i take so i have to become more watchful, deliberate and exacting as to when I take them.

It also seems they want me back the same time as the Grand Canyon trip I was planning.

Life is full of adjustments.

Smoking is not required.

They will be burning pre cancerous cells from inside my esophagus.

This is the second of three procedures.

Don't worry, I will be under so I won't enjoy it. LOL

Keep me in your thoughts. (and no smoking, unless it's your BarBQue!)


         How many of you wait until the day you leave on vacation to book transportation, lodging and what you want to see or do?        
Planning your quit can be just as helpful for your success as planning for an enjoyable vacation.       
As some of you know, I am planning a week getaway for Youngatheart/Nancy and myself as something for her to look forward to if/after she recovers from all her recent health issues.      
All of us can use a change of scenery/vacation and even though I live close to the ocean, I thought going to see the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas would be a nice change for me..     
Of course there are some obstacles to work around. I am on a fixed income and have a pet to consider so I'm doing a lot of research to make the wisest choices.    
Beginning and maintaining your quit must be based on wise choices.   

That's really all quitting is about.  Making the decision to quit and then making wise choices.We're here to help you plan your trip, get you started  and we're as close as a truckers cb..We've been down the road. We have the map.


Why fumble around and complicate it?


With that said,

There is no EXcuse for smoking. LOL


It only takes a drink or two extra and a good or bad mood. Often the mood doesn't appear until after you've begun drinking.

you'll regret it. don't forget it

But it IS NOT the biggest part of quitting smoking and after it's been out of your body awhile it IS NOT what takes people back to smoking.

It's the memories and feelings that you experienced that are all tied to cigarettes that are the real problem in staying quit.

Of course this doesn't apply to people who never get off of nicotine and remain addicted with some other form of delivery. I believe in listening to your body when it ciomes to getting off nicotine, perhaps testing yourself a little before you do so your mind doesn't panic at the thought. In other words, don't make a big deal about it and it can happen.without abruptness.

The good news is, there is an approximate time period where your risk of relapse is high and after which, diminishes markedly. This is typically within the first 4 to 6 months. If you can get through that initial time by making small changes and doing things slightly differently from the beginning, your way can be clear.

The effects and withdrawal symptoms (that we all experience) begin when you stop using nicotine and typically last 2-3 weeks.

This means if you're still using the patch at 4 months or the gum or whatever, you have not let yourself go through the physical withdrawal symptoms.

So, you might remain hooked on the replacement forever and become psychologically dependent as well as physically dependent. (this is not where you want to be)

The physical withdrawal symptoms are actually no worse than a bad head cold that lasts 3 weeks. It's how you perceive it and whether you magnify it with your brain that will determine your outcome. Quitting smoking never killed anybody.

It is what you make it.

Make it a game. Take control from the beginning. Change gears when you get a craving instead of dwelling on thoughts of smoking.

Again: Quitting Smoking Never Killed Anybody

Smoking Is Not Ever (NEVER) Required

Get Healthy By Oct 8 So We Can Go See The Grand Canyon Together (no we won't be kicking up our heels on the edge of the canyon)

And spend a week exploring Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and everything else near Flagstaff.

I think Hoggie's going too.

I really wanted to set a goal with a special reward to look forward to after all she's been through.

She hasn't done much travelling because she was a single mom raising her two girls without any financial help..

I've wanted to go spend some time in Flagstaff ever since I dropped down out of it into the desert below pulling a trailer of my first wife's belongings from Kansas to California when I got off the road .40+ years ago.

Flagstaff sits 7000 feet above sea level.

You say you want to quit? got started and slipped. And then smoked for another 3 months? 3 Years?

A slip isn't a free ticket to unlimited smoking for as long as you want.

What kind of logic is that?

If you slip, throw them away and start over IMMEDIATELY.

The longer you smoke after that slip, the more excuses you are making


First they put alien lollipop looking things on my fingertips and pumped all this menthol goo right through my skin. I thought my arms were going to burst.

Then they said, "Now it is your job to replenish this for as long as you live."

Then they uttered "true green one hundreds" into my ear in a hushed tone for 30 days.

I was their slave with the menthol arms and the nicotine resevoir that went empty every 20 minutes.

don't cry for me Argentina!

She got released from the spartan rehab center yesterday.

She is thankful to be out of that place. For the most part it was a bad experience.

The problem is the staff can't be everywhere at once so if you are unable to make it to the bathroom on your own, you take your chances.

She was supposed to be released last Saturday but Thursday she had an emergency (read Urgency) and staff was busy somewhere else. She took a bad fall in the bathroom and they delayed her release until yesterday.

The other problem is scheduling. Energy levels vary during everyone's day and often when you have the energy, the therapist is working with other people.

Someone was supposed to come teach Nancy and her daughter how to do the basic things so she wasn't stuck on the floor too weak to get up. They waited a number of hours to be released and the person who was supposed to teach her this showed up as they were going out the door. Nancy didn't have enough energy to go through the 20 minute instructional.

Anyway, she's happy to be home. Realistic and willing to rest and gain strength.

More soon

We've made ourselves believe smoking relieves stress and makes life easier.

All smoking does is cause the release of a chemical that our brain makes.

That's it. There is no more. All the rest is a lie.

The only promise makes is to KILL US.

Until you step back and see smoking for what it is, you will be its slave.

Suffering: To Experience Something Unpleasant

How about magnifying suffering by our perceptions?

If you are experiencing unpleasantness quitting, you can blame it on smoking

Quitting never killed anybody

We've all heard stories of people who just said "I'm not smoking anymore" and have very long term quits.

That is the Rarity. Some of these people still long for a cigarette occasionally.

Quitting  smoking successfully takes effort  for most of us

My quit seemed to just unfold naturally. It was not layed out in any written form.

I was "winging it" my first two weeks. I didn't have any construction projects going at time but I stayed busy doing something I loved. (playing guitar 10 hours a day)

There were people on the site I joined with 8, 10, 12 years free from smoking. Some were very wise. Those were the people whose brains I picked to enlighten my experience and ease my journey.

I spent my first year quit on that site.

Yes, I had my rough days, some depression, I felt the anguish of no mans land and wondered if i would reach a plateau where I could be happy not  being a smoker.

You have tthe same opportunity here I had there. Many wise people to walk with you and hold you up..

Nothing just happens for most of us. Get your head in the game. Be deliberate. Don't let your quit run over you. You can move forward and walk out of this.

(Now turn that around)  How Are You Treating Life?

We never saw we were trapped. We accepted what life threw at us, groaned a bit, and lit up.

As you are progressing into your quit and onto freedom, you begin to realize you have more options on how you perceive everything that happens in your life because you are thinking more instead of mindlessly puffing in one of our/your multiple  "I need a break/I deserve to kill myself"  sessions.

Yes, this is your opportunity to think (outside the cloud) like a non smoker as you become one. Enjoy the ride.

Smoking Is Not Required

The friends brother who I was supposed to be influencing to quit and I were out in the patio. I was out for some air and he walked  into the patio from the workshop smoking a cigarette. I realized right then that smoking was only a decision. He could smoke but I could choose not to. It made me laugh. It felt good. It was like I had felt the urge and I caught myself.

I was able to laugh at it and move on. It became my tool. I had an option..It became a "gotcha" game. For the remainder of those first two weeks, every time I got the urge to smoke I laughed. It got to the point I was thinking of laughing instead of smoking.

The day I got off the patch near the end of the first two weeks, I joined a quit smoking site and that is where I learned the answers to all my questions and when I began putting together a timeline of what we all experience and about when. I wanted to know what to expect and when and that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Your mind is your greatest tool. Believe in yourselves. Stick it out. Ask questions. Keep Moving Forward>

"The only way out is through"


Place half a cut apple in an open shallow container under the two front seats.

The apple tends to absorb the smoking odor.

Check weekly and replace as necessary

I had a friend was a minimal smoker who quit a year before me and who wanted his older brother to quit. His older brother always replied, "yeah but you weren't a real smoker"

My friend knew his brother would be influenced if I quit because I smoked a pack a day or more and was a real smoker for 40 years. He asked me if I would quit. I said no. I had never even thought about quitting. Before I left that day he pressed me again and asked me if I would at least consider it. I said I would.

Over the next 4 weeks I started telling myself to wait when I wanted to smoke and at the end of that time I had gone from 20 a day to 5 a day. I never worked myself up or denied myself once in those 4 weeks.

I never got any feelings one way or the other because I was just "considering" it.

Going from 20 a day to 5 a day gave me confidence. I had proven to myself I didn't need to smoke just because I had the urge to smoke or thought I needed to.

That Friday afternoon when I went to get a pack, I said to myself silently at the cig counter, "this is your last pack". I never went into that place again. The following Tuesday morning, I smoked my last one and went and got the patch.

I forgot to put on my patch the fourth day and I rode it out to see what it was like. After all, the patches were at home which was only 10 minutes away so why panic? The next week I forgot two days in a row to wear a patch, I knew I didn't need them anymore. I put one in my wallet and promised if I ever got an overpowering urge to smoke, I would put that patch on and wait an hour.

I guaranteed my success with that promise.

"You don't need to want to quit but you must be willing to quit and decide to quit."

JOY = Journey's On You. You make it what you want it to be. It's easy if you throw away the negativity you've built around quitting and look at what you're gaining


Fear = Failure Expected And Received

We did it for so many years that it takes time to not think like a smoker.

That's what the unlearning is about.

Our mind has connected smoking to events, memories and feelings.

We must make new ones without smoking to let the old ones go.

Every time you sneak one you are cheating yourself and heading the wrong direction.

After all, who are YOU sneaking away from to smoke? YOUrself

There is no justification for smoking. Smokers can not justify why they smoke..They just do.

"If you've quit smoking and you are smoking, You are doing it wrong."

They put her in a no frills rehab center last Saturday afternoon after they cut her from hip to ankle to replace the vein that was preventing circulation to her foot and killing her toe a week ago tomorrow.

As you know, she got displaced (released and sent home with this dying toe)  on the Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend too weak to even pick herself up off the floor.

They worked her 4 hours today. She doesn't want anything but protein right now. They said perhaps a week inhouse. She has not been able to even walk for three months so I think it's going to be longer than a week to recover but if they can help her get strong enough in a week to fend for herself, that's what we can hope for.


Carry On

Use Your Head!

If you see bad weather ahead, roll up your window and post the word HELP here.

It's about Mental Direction. Getting it and Keeping it. That's what we are here to help you with.

Don't get overwhemed and stay alone until you blow your quit! Post HELP!

Smoking is a choice.

Unchoose It Again and Again and Again!

You see, deep down, we all know smoking is wrong. We all know it damages our health.

We've all lost friends and relatives to it's curse.

People often wonder when they are going to be happy about quitting.
If you've won the battle and aren't happy, what was the point?
When we get through No Mans Land, I think we ought to be feeling some kind of happiness that we don't need to smoke anymore.
If you've gone this far and aren't happy about not being chained to smoking you may need to ask yourself (honestly) what it was about smoking that was so wonderful?

If you still think smoking is something you can't live without,  If you're still dragging your quit around like it's a burden and not happy with your accomplishment, your quit is at risk.

First 2-3 Weeks-This is the unnerving time because even though your body is clear of most nicotine in 72 hours, there is still some in your cells and many body functions were controlled by the use of nicotine. Couple that with trying to unlearn the reaching for one and shifting your thinking to unlearning, plus the emotions connected and this is the most difficult time

Getting Through No Mans Land-Months 2-4 1/2 + or -~~This is the time of unexpected/out of the blue cravings. Most people give up during this time because they think they should not be having cravings this strong after the first month. They start believing they can't do it. Believing you can will get you through. This is the time you don't want to get the negative self talk going and be especially careful of drinking alcohol. You will have more good days than bad days. I would estimate only one out of ten if you average it out. The problem that throws people during this time is when they get 2-3 bad days in a row.

First Year-You've Made It Into The 6% Club. Yes, 6% of people quitting smoking make it to the first year. You can be one of them.

Completion Of  Second Year~~~~STATISTICS: While roughly 94% of uneducated smokers who attempt to stop smoking relapse within a year, the relapse rate declines to just 2 to 4% per year from years 2 to 10, and then falls to less than 1% after 10 years. Wow! Chance of relapse goes from 94% to 2-4% after two years.

You can take it one day at a time but please keep the above in mind and know it will be better. You can be out of nicotine's control forever if you stick it out.

Most of all, be willing. If you are fighting yourself by obsessing about smoking you will take yourself backwards eventually.

Don't be askeered. It's a process. It takes time.

We are here to help you find it.

The missing link is the right attitude.

The right attitude is not fighting yourself but being willing to experience life on it's terms without smoking.

This isn't my way, It is what it is and it is where you say you want to be.

I spoke with Nancy this morning.

She wasn't in pain and not over medicated for it.

She said the bad toe was peeling and there was pink underneath so that's a good sign.

Carry On

  i smoked daily for 40 years, sometimes over 2 packs a day
  Now, when I add up my unsmoked cigarettes for the bonfires i count them as a pack a day because thats where 40 years ended up.
  What i've learned in my 7 1/2 year quit  is, there is no good excuse to smoke. You could shoot yourself in the foot and get the same kick and it would last even longer as you drifted into shock. 
  Your  dog isn't going to die because you quit smoking. You won't lose your job because you quit smoking. Your grandma isn't going to pass because you quit smoking. Life simply does not require smoking.
  you can let it go any time.
  The only way you can lose at quitting smoking is by shooting yourself in the foot with negative thinking
  I don't support excuses because as I said, there is no good excuse for smoking
  Put your guns away, Be honest with yourself and stick it out.
  The time required to unlearn the automatic reaching for one 20 times a day is the quit keeper.

give it time

Dr. said it went well. Have to keep a close eye on it for 24 hours in case the bypass vein decides not to cooperate on staying open, but beyond that it will mostly just be keeping an eye on the incision for infection and administering pain meds. Said can even get her up in a chair today, and trying to walk a bit tomorrow.

  Said maybe   Friday for earliest for getting out of the hospital.

I was rehearsing 14 hours at a time with a performing group and competing weekly for one of 30 spots with 150 people for actual scheduled performances.

I was going to high school full time and driving 100 miles each way 4 times a week to these rehearsals.

Some of the group members smoked on the steps during short rehearsal breaks and I joined in.

After the initial coughing and sputtering I liked the kick from the nicotine.

I quit smoking 40 years later.

There was no glamour associated with smoking for me. The nicotine got me hooked and kept me coming back.

Do these pushers have any morals?


Greed is their driving force, Money is their God and, Your kids and grand kids are their TARGET!

How are they doing it?

They are intentionally advertising them on youth oriented TV shows.

Between 2011 and 2014 kids between the age of 12 and 17 have been targeted and bombarded with 2 1/2 times the commercials per day than 2011. Youth 18-24 have been targeted with 3 1/2 times the commercials per day since 2011.

Think they only want the adults? No, they want the untapped youth market as well and they have no scruples.

Do all these flavors sound like they were targeted at adults or for kids who want to be adults?

People who promote their use are promoting addiction and slavery.


You will be in the same trap you are now. The same addict. The same habit/rituals. E-cigarettes control their users just as much as regular cigarettes do/did you and I. They build their whole existence around vaping and they just can't see it.

I contend there are only two ways to go back. Drinking to loss of reasoning or talking themselves into it.

Those are how it happens but what about why it happens?

I believe the main reason is because we started so young and it's all we knew.

It is uncomfortable to let go of something so ingrained in our memory banks and lives.;

The other reason may be they never were able to let it go and they fought quitting the whole time.

Of these two, I believe that holding on is the most dangerous.

The solution to that one is being willing as you quit instead of reinforcing the "missing something" by dwelling on that aspect frequently.

This is why we tell you to start doing new things. Things you might not have done before to show yourself change is in store. Positive things. Things that give you a mental reward.

Quitting and succeeding at it forever is all in your state of mind.

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