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Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 27, 2014

So much contradictory information out there. What makes sense?

I was watching a show on PBS about brain health over the weekend and guess what they say our brain needs to function well into old age?

FAT That's right. FAT. Evidently our brains are 70% FAT. Our brains crave FAT. The story even implied not getting this FAT leaves you at double the risk for Alzheimers.

There was a story on the news just now about how many millions of children have dropped out of the school lunch program. They attribute this to Mrs Obama's nutrition program which has made the lunches tasteless. (no fat?)

We are going to seek our dopamine release no matter what we are told or what is "good for us." That's a big reason we smoked. Nicotine equalled dopamine release.

Yes, smoking gave us that dopamine release we all want. We all know smoking is damaging to ourselves and those around us so, what's the solution when you quit smoking?

Start finding other things that make you feel good and initiate release of dopamine.




A hobby that is rewarding and satisfies our need to create.

Volunteering. Helping others is rewarding.

And don't forget about sex. Yes it's right at the top for dopamine release.

Remember, Nicotine has hijacked our pleasure receptors which initiate a dopamine release.

As the receptors die off and are replaced with new ones, nicotine's grip is loosened and released.

Give it time. It didn't happen overnight.