I'd like to talk about honesty and integrity

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 11, 2014

people come here and none of us know what shape their self esteem is in.

they make up some fake name and you'll never see a face because who they pretend to be is only a figment of their imagination. Some tend to want to make a name for themselves and will go to any lengths to do it including dishonesty in order to manipulate people to follow them.

In my opinion, if they have to manipulate people with dishonesty they don't deserve respect.

They delete peoples comments so you can't see through the production they're trying to put on..

To compound their dishonesty, they put a public statement on someone else's blog stating someone tried to put a damper on their quit.

another dishonesty, another untruth.

so if indeed there are rumors going around? Don't believe it. It's just a bullshi**ing manipulator with no name and no face. A nobody trying to be somebody and fooling many of you.

if not, i hope you enjoy the song