Smoking is a cover up~Quitting is an eye opener

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 9, 2014

Be prepared to see some things you may not want to see.

One of the reasons we smoked and kept smoking was to even out realities we didn't want to face.

That old hit of dopamine whenever we wanted it was a great equalizer but life is more than covering up.

It's easy to chain smoke when you find your spouse is cheating on you.

It's easy to chain smoke when someone close to you dies.

It's easy to chain smoke when you get served with divorce papers.

...........When you've been lied to, when you're in a car accident. I could go on and on and on.

While you are rationalizing your smoking WHY DON'T YOU PINCH YOURSELF AND WAKE UP! 

Smoking isn't necessary.

If you ever intend to deal with life and emotions on your terms and release pain instead of cover it up, quitting smoking is the biggest step you can take.

These types of things can be harsh but they can be freeing.

Smoking is a liar. Smoking is a trap that never lets you move forward.

Smoking is a band-aid on emotional wounds that can never heal until they get air and light.

Part of being free is experiencing some pain and working through it.

Be prepared.