First belly laugh with Youngatheart

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 8, 2014

she's been trapped in a room for 3 weeks under quarantine from the stomach virus.

she hopes she will be able to get out of her room tomorrow.

i believe those 10 minutes in the sun would be the best thing for her spirit.

she said she's sitting in a wheelchair and i told her how good i became with a wheelchair after i severed my foot.

i was on crutches and in a chair for three full years after i severed my foot in a job fall in 2000.

i could go backwards in my chair at high speed pushing off with my other foot.

i used to wait outside the target with all the Christmas shoppers for the store to open and once open, i could always beat anyone running in my chair. it was good for their sake that we weren't shopping for the same items.

she said something like "it's kind of hard to see the people behind you isn't it?"and i said, well you can sort of stay straight by watching the aisles go by and at least you know which way they were going. "if they are on their back they were coming towards you and if they are facing away from you they were going the same direction."

ps. i smoked through my recovery and my foot never healed correctly.