"If you still want one - you're still vulnerable. Protect your quit!"

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 5, 2014

There will come a time when you don't think of smoking.

It will never come if you are fighting yourself from day one.

If you are constantly doubting yourself you are not only creating the agony, you are prolonging it.

Accept the fact that you have quit. Accept the fact that it will get better unless you smoke.

We all had thoughts of smoking when we first quit. It can't be denied when you've done something 20 times a day for 40 years. It takes time to not think of smoking. It takes time to unlearn and understand smoking is not required.

No one can give you that time except you.

It boils down to whether you let the temporary thoughts at the beginning overtake you or whether you will stick it out and believe in yourself until it goes away. It will go away.

You have to give it time.