Progress but slow. Update Youngatheart (Nancy)

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 4, 2014

She was hospitalized for three weeks. 7 inches of her intestine had died and was removed caused by adhesions from a prior surgery. She has been in a rehabilitation center for almost two weeks. Staff managed to pass a viral infection throughout the facility and everyone was given the only medication that would handle this particular virus. This medication kills off all the flora in your system. They say your health begins in your gut. That flora is what they are talking about. So that blunder has weakened her entire system and left her about as well as an ill infant.

Until only a few days ago she has been too weak to even hold a phone.

The last few days we've spoken for sometimes up to 10 minutes.

She thinks they will release her in a week or so. My concern is that she will not be able to manage on her own. She told me her daughter in San Francisco's job is not starting until September so hopefully she can return home until Nancy is stronger.

My procedure 9 days ago went well but left me very week. Thursday my BP was 96 over 62 which was very low for me and I thought I might be having anothr GI bleed out. The first one in 2012 almost killed me.I went to my primary Friday and everything was normal. .

My best friend had 8 vertebrae fused last Monday and was released yesterday so I will be going to his house this morning to assess anything he might need in the way of grab bars, raised toilet seats, etc. (so see, being a carpenter and contractor for 35 years IS going to pay off. LOLOL)

Please keep Nancy in your prayers.