How I got off the patch with no anxiety or apprehension.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 1, 2014

when i first started the patch, i never had a plan for when i would stop using them. at that time i didn't know one thing about quitting or the attitude required to be successful. I was just like any new quitter.

i quit on a Tuesday. I forgot to wear one on that Friday.

When I woke on Sat, i had to ask myself how i was feeling and make a decision. i listened to my body and decided i wasn't ready to get off.

the following week i forgot again. and the next day, again.

I had that conversation with my body again. If I felt ok, why would i keep using them?

Here's the trick I used after I stopped using them..

I put one in my wallet and promised myself if i was seriously considering smoking, i would put one on and wait an hour.

I kept that patch in my wallet my whole first year.

I was tricking myself into keeping my quit no matter what. It was a trick I knew would work.

it was then i joined my first quit smoking site.

now, i am not suggesting everyone stop using them in two weeks, but i am saying, talk to yourself. be honest, not clouded by fear  if you do that, and when you are comfortable, you will know.