Why do I talk about the same things over and over and over?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 20, 2014

I've watched why people fail for 7 years and "the why" is really very simple.

Forget the "reasons I smoked" There are no reasons. Saying there are reasons is not accepting responsibiity for choosing to smoke.

People fail because they approach quitting smoking as the most difficult thing they’ve ever undertaken. Where do they get that idea? They get it from other people who have failed and then they build upon that with their own failures. Willingness beats willpower every time.

Most people’s quits are lost by talking themselves into smoking.
When you mentally talk to yourself suggesting that “a cigarette sure would hit the spot right now” you have started the snowball rolling down the hill. If you get that snowball rolling and growing your quit is done. Dwelling on that initial thought makes it become real and if you keep it up? YOU WILL SMOKE
So how do you stop that thought from growing?
You talk back. You say “I don’t do that anymore” as soon as the first thought comes. You say it out loud so it sticks and you repeat as necessary. If you don’t talk yourself out of wanting to smoke? YOU WILL SMOKE.

Many peoples quits are lost because they drink themselves stupid.
How do you prevent that? You use some common sense.
Drinking alcohol and smoking go hand in hand.
If you want to socialize and that includes alcohol, try to limit yourself to one drink and take some bottled water.

If your quit means something, if your future means something, you will use common sense and not risk killing your quit by putting it in risky situations.