Overtaken And Controlled By The "Cure"

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 8, 2014

To be free everyone eventually has to experience some discomfort. Everyone has to do some missing of smoking and get past that.

Everyone who is self dosing with the NRT: (Gum, Lozenge, E-Cig. Etc..)

Don't use more than the equivalent to what you were smoking to avoid these basic feelings of quitting.

You will more than likely become not only physically addicted to it but psycologically addicted as well.This means fear of getting off of it because you believe it's what has kept your quit.

If you are using 10 pieces of 4mg gum, that is equal to 2 packs of cigarettes. Did you smoke two packs a day?

You don't want to end up trading one nicotine delivery system for another.

Experience the uncomfortableness. We all had to do it. It will pass.

Experience the "something is missing". We all had to go through this. It will pass.