Breaking Up Craves>It takes shifting your mind and getting it to focus on something else

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 2, 2014

The "three minute" cravings can come in waves. You must break up these waves or you may be overcome.

I've come up with some ways to shock yourself out of a craving that actually work.

1. Stick your head in the freezer and breathe the cold air. Visualizing yourself doing this should stop the crave long enough to get it out of your mind.

2. Bite into a lemon, skin and all. The sourness will get your attention immediately. The bitterness of the rind is something we don't normally experience. Trust me, you will remember this the next time you get a craving too.

3. Fill your mouth with ice cubes. Your mind can't help but focus on avoiding brain freeze with a mouth full of ice cubes.

4. Learn to laugh out loud. It releases dopamine and when you "HEAR" yourself, it throws your brain into a different gear.

5. The danger in focusing on a crave is talking yourself into smoking. You can talk yourself out of smoking by saying "I don't do that anymore" as soon as a smoking thought comes.

It's your quit and your life. Reading will not cut the mustard. You have to do these things or they don't work.